Mar 9, 2013

Oz: The Great and somewhat Powerful

I've been looking forward to Oz: The Great and Powerful for a while now and after seeing it I'm a bit torn.  Overall I liked the movie, the visuals were whimsical, the characters were likable, and it's a fun movie that all ages can enjoy.  A lot of people are comparing it to a kid friendly Army of Darkness (which is made more relevant because of the appearance of Bruce Campbell as a guard) and while I don't think that's the best comparison, it does work.  

I'm a bit let down because there wasn't much adventure to it.  Oz gets there and mucks around for a bit, then the above pictured team gets together and sets of to kill the witch.  About two seconds of adventuring later they meet up with a another character and then it switches from "adventuring" to "preparing" mode, as in they're devising plans and setting up schemes to take down the wicked witch.

I really like this trio.  Oz, the monkey, and the china girl make a very enjoyable team to watch.  I would have loved for there to have been more of these three characters traveling through the land of Oz having wacky and exciting misadventures.  Instead it's more confined to a few set locations where they spend most of there time with the two sidekicks getting pushed to the back burner as the good and evil witches take the majority of screen time.  I did just read that there is a direct sequel in the works, if this was Oz coming to power, then the sequel will be him solidifying it I suppose.  Hopefully this time they'll write in more adventure to it, less Army of Darkness, more The Hobbit.

Although it has the above problem, it's still a very fun and enjoyable movie well worth seeing.  I'd give it 8 flying monkeys out of 10.

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  1. I still need to see this... I was never particularly looking forward to it, but it looks interesting enough to warrant a ticket purchase.