Mar 23, 2013

Nocturna: Thrifty Shopper

In a swirl of black fabric, Maneia struck a triumphant pose, observing herself in one of Carousel Boutiques many mirrors.

"I love it," Maneia cooed admiring her newly acquired dress, dark as a starless sky bordered by blue and purple trim.  "Dixie was right, I never realized how fun it was to go shopping!"

"It looks fabulous on you darling," Rarity complimented, nervously eyeing the ever frowning Nocturna.  "And very slimming."

Under the oppressive glare of the white unicorn, Rarity's brow began to bead with sweat.  While Maneia was preoccupied with giving seductive looks at her reflection, Nocturna's horn flared with a magical aura.  Bursting from the ether, a knife hovered a hair's breath from Rarity's neck.

Her expression cold and detached, her reserved frown never twitching, Nocturna's callous eyes cut deep into the unicorn, deeper than the knife ever could.  Gazing into the two wells of despair, Rarity trembled in fear.   "How much do we owe you for the dress?"

Swallowing, Rarity tore her gaze away from the mare's eyes.  "Since this is your first purchase... take it... free of charge."

"Really?" Maneia asked incredulously, turning back to the two ponies. "That's quite a deal."

Glancing down, Rarity noticed the knife had dissipated back to whence it had come.  With a sigh of relief she replied. "Well I am the Element of Generosity after all."

"You're right," Nocturna said trotting towards the blue mare. "This is fun."

Maneia frowned in thought. "Do you think we should pick out something for Wildflower?  She doesn't really have much of a wardrobe."

Arching an eyebrow, Nocturna shook her head. "I don't believe dressing up is quite her cup of tea."

"Will that be everything for today?" Rarity asked, hoping to expedite the ponies departure.

"Actually," Maneia said, sounding slightly embarrassed. "You wouldn't happen to have any lingerie."


  1. Hooray for new banner! And a wonderfully amusing little story to go with it. ...On the other hand, Nocturna continues to scare me more and more. That girl seriously needs some help, heh.

  2. Dat silly Nocturna, who knows what wacky situations she'll get into next.