Mar 7, 2013

Hub Saturday Lineup for 3/9

This Saturday, The Hub is bringing us new episodes of Strawberry Shortcake, Littlest Pet Shop, and Dan Vs. Plus, a 4-hour marathon of Transformers: Rescue Bots episodes, starting at 12:00PM ET. And on Sunday (3/10), we'll be getting a new episode of Secret Millionaires Club.
An important thing to note is that this week's episode of Dan Vs. is the season 3 finale... While it's a shame that the season is ending after only 13 episodes (as per what appears to be the norm lately...), this episode looks to be a much better finale than season 2's "Wild West Town". In fact, this episode will take us back to where it all began, back to when Dan and Chris first met each other as kids!

Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures 8:30AM ET
"Snowberry & Seven Berrykins"
"When Plum directs a fairy tale play to surprise the Baby Berrykins, her production becomes too elaborate and quickly turns into a comical disaster."

Littlest Pet Shop 11:30AM ET

"What Did You Say?"
"While playing in the alley behind Littlest Pet Shop, Vinnie falls into a garbage can and is accidentally transported to the city dump. The pets turn to Blythe for her help only to discover she can no longer understand them."

Dan Vs. 4:30PM ET
"Summer Camp"
"Dan and Chris recount their first adventure together as friends, meeting in summer camp and joining forces to take on a bullying camp counselor bent on making their young lives miserable. Guest starring Ernie Hudson (“Transformers Prime”)."

Secret Millionaires Club 9:00AM ET on Sunday, 3/10
"Down and Out in Beijing"
"The SMC visits Beijing where they meet Lisa’s cousin who bites off more than he can chew (or sell). Together they learn that having a plan is fundamental to traveling and running a successful business."

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