Mar 2, 2013

Equestria Girls mark 2

The New York Times released this picture.  Now this new image depicts them with a new models than the original picture portrayed.  The original has them as just straight up humans with colored skin.  This new pic has them with wings, pony ears, absurdly long hair, and their cutie marks are now tattoos on their faces.  What's the point of this?  If you're going to make them humans, why not make them humans?  Also, why don't the unicorns have their horns?  The pegasi, and Twilight get to keep their wings, but Rarity get's her beloved horn chopped off?  I also don't like the idea of them having their cutie marks on their faces, it just looks ugly like that.  I don't really mind if people have tattoos, but they just don't look good on your face!  The really long hair is supposed to look like they still have tails, and I really love a woman with long hair, but this is a bit silly.  And finally the ears, they're now no longer humans but more along the lines of anthros.  I do have to say I like they pony ears.  But it doesn't really matter what they look like until we see them in some animation, it may look fine as a still image, but once they start moving around it could look completely different.

And in case you forgot what the original looked like.

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  1. I actually AM looking forward to this series, but my goodness it's getting more and more confusing... Seriously, why would they go this far with the pony traits but then take away Twi and Rarity's horns? Either way, it certainly is looking more "anthro" now, which I have to admit is making me slightly uncomfortable... Peeps need to make up their minds, jeez. =P