Mar 26, 2013

Comic Releases for 3/27

As I said last week, I've decided to start posting about new comics on the night before they come out. Well, primarily just the new My Little Pony and Transformers comics, that is... (Let's see how long I can keep this up, eh?)
Also, in an attempt to provide more eye candy while keeping this post semi-compact, I've included small images of one of the covers for each comic. Just click any of the images to see them in a larger size.
Now then, check out tomorrow's new comics below!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #5
Story by: Heather Nuhfer, Art by: Amy Mebberson
"Attention, everypony! Get ready for another unforgettable adventure in the land of Equestria. Twilight Sparkle and gang are confronted with a perilous new danger in the form of a long-unseen enemy! See how the Magic of Friendship prevails in the start of a brand new story arc!"
Click here to check out a preview of this issue right here on OIM.
comiXology link: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic *new issue will be out on March 27*
While it isn't officially supposed to come out until tomorrow, this issue was indeed released early in a few stores. (That's why we already have all of those images of "Maybelle" floating around the internet.) For those of you who weren't lucky enough to find one of those stores, and were patient enough to wait and buy your own copy, that wait is almost over!

The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye Volume 3
Story by: James Roberts, Art by: Alex Milne, Jimbo Salgado, & Guido Guidi
"The crew of the Lost Light finally reach Crystal City, home to the mysterious Circle of Light, as the origins of the Knights of Cybertron are revealed. In “Shadowplay” follow along as Rewind begins telling his crew mates a pre-war Cybertron story involving Orion Pax!"
(Contains Annual 2012 and issues #9 to #11.)
comiXology link: Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye Ongoing *new volume will be out on March 27*
There's one thing I have to wonder about this collection... Will only the physical copies be $19.99, or will it be that price on comiXology as well? And, if it is that price on comiXology, how long will it take before it gets marked down?... Think about it. While $19.99 is a pretty good deal for a physical collection, you can already get the 2012 Annual and issues #9-12 for less than $12 on comiXology... Just keep that in mind if you were thinking about getting this online, because I would be hesitant to pay an extra eight dollars for the small amount of bonus content that one of these collections comes with.

The Transformers: Robots in Disguise #15
Story by: John Barber, Art by: Andrew Griffith
"THE END OF THE WORLD! When Cybertron collapses—who will pick up the pieces? MEGATRON stands poised to triumph—locked in final battle with BUMBLEBEE, STARSCREAM, METALHAWK, and PROWL! One will stand… the rest will fall."
SPOILERS > Click here to check out a preview of this issue on < SPOILERS
comiXology link: Transformers: Robots In Disguise Ongoing *new issue will be out on March 27*
If I'm going to insist on posting about "More than Meets the Eye", I suppose I might as well start posting about "Robots in Disguise" too... Ya see, the two ongoing series may be rather different from one another, but their stories are actually intertwined to some degree. While MTMTE tells the story of Rodimus and his crew aboard the Lost Light, RID tells the concurrent story of Bumblebee and his 'bots back on Cybertron. Personally, I haven't read much RID, but what I HAVE read of it was pretty good. (I just don't think it's quite as amazing as MTMTE...)


  1. It's the 27 and the MLP comic isn't up on comixology!!! Why!!!!!!

    1. Whoo,crisis averted, it's up now. Calmed down everyone, everything's going to be just fine.