Feb 2, 2013

Warm Bodies OIM Review

R's zombie best friend is the best character.

I went to warm bodies mildly interested, but for the most part, not expecting much.  Does Warm Bodies warm your heart, or do you leave cold and dead inside?

The best way to describe Warm Bodies as Twilight, but in a zombie apocalypse and good.  The basic premise is that zombies gain the memories from the brains they eat, once R (our leading zombie) eats Julie's boyfriend's scrumptious grey matter, he then falls in love with her.  He save her from becoming lunch and takes her back to his private jet.  The story then unfolds as you would pretty much image a romance to go down.  Two lovers, but the worlds they come from are clashing and so on and so forth.

I'm going to say it, I really enjoyed this movie, more so than I thought I would.  Now it's not my favorite movie in the world or anything like that, and I don't really feel the need to ever watch it again, but it was definitely a worthwhile watch.  Unlike Twilight there's a fair bit of comedy, character development, danger, and no "they sparkle in the sunshine" bull crap   It's fun watching R as he slowly start changing more and more back into a human, and how that affects the people around him.

If you're into zombies or a good romance, then I'd recommend going and giving Warm Bodies a try.  It's not Twilight and it's not The Walking Dead, so don't go looking for either of those.  It's a sweet and funny rom com about a brain eating boy and the girl he loves.  While it does have quite a few problems, I still think it's a movie that is highly enjoyable.

7.5 "Uuuuhhhhhhs" out of 10.

It also wraps up all plot lines, so I don't see this being turned into sequels.  Nothing after the credits.

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  1. I think that i will go see it after reading this. thanks