Feb 9, 2013

TV Movie Confirmed

Whelp, feel free to rub my big fat nose in it.  It has now been confirmed that there is an upcoming MLP made for TV movie, we don't know the date, but if I recollect correctly it's been set for April.  Even though I'm wrong, I've said before that a movie would never happen, I'm quite ecstatic for the upcoming movie, let's only hope it's something good and not... season 3-ish.

But wait, there's more!  A new IP is on it's way that is going to target an older demographic.

"This new IP is for Older Girls; Teenage and above. The name of the IP will be revealed at a special “Pink Carpet Event” at San Diego Comic Con 2013."

People are speculating that this is going to be an "Equestrian Girls" line.  Now don't get your hopes up on MLP shifting it's gears to Bronies or anything, it's still going to probably be a whole lot of girls stuff and not, say, My Little Pony brand Shotguns, or My Little Pony the R rated horror movie, or the like.

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