Feb 20, 2013

Pony Pics 161

Everywhere.... every freaking where people are singing the praises of the finale.  I think I've lost not only my faith in the show, but in this fandom as well....... time for boob jokes!

I was going to have this as the header image, but after all the anthros I've been posting this week I figured Drom's head might explode in fury.... so yeah.

Daww, it's so cute...  Let's get the torches and pitchforks.

... I want that balloon.

I hope that's snow on her head and not a... "gift" from the bird flying overhead.

Yup, the alicorn gates have broken.  This is Octavia, but you know how people love to make their OCs alicorns... we had almost gotten a handle on that problem, now it's just going to redouble in numbers.  May God have mercy on us all.

So now that Twilight is an alicorn, does she now have the dream hoping ability?  I sure hope she doesn't hop into my dreams... that would be awkward to explain the next morning.

Remember back in the day when the only alicorns were Luna and Celestia?  Yeah, those were good times.

Twilight doesn't notice her parents freaking out because she's too busy playing with her "pussy".  Wow, I am so clever that I even surprise myself.

Breaking news!  There was an assassination attempt on Princess Sparkle.  The police caught the hairless ape like culprit and had this to say.  "Yeah, he's sort of irate and keeps shouting how the Princess betrayed him or something... and he keeps spitting everywhere...  and getting erections... he's really kind of creeping us out actually."

Chrysalis is too good for her!  Chrysi could do much better.

I've seen enough pics on Derpibooru to know what's going on under those sparkle effects.  ...it's intercourse in case I was being to vague... probably anal by the looks of it.... yup.

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