Feb 16, 2013

Pony Pics 160

If Twilight got boobs after becoming an alicorn, well then I'd be okay with it.
And with exactly 9 minutes left in my laptops battery, I give you Pony Pics!

I like ponies with big tails, it's one of my fetishes. (smiles sleazily.)

I challenge you to try and not find this cute!  You can't, you know you can't.

The fact that her fan name became Mrs. Peachbottom annoys the living daylights out of me.  I'm disappointed in all of you.  Chickadee is the name for me.

Oh Cadence, my love/hate for you knows no bounds.

I've yet to see the episode, (because I've been uploading and doing stuff for you guys, yeah I'm just that nice of a person) so I'm not going to explode about Alicorn Princess Twilight.  I need to save up my rage for my review.

Robots, the number 1 Dromaeosaur bait.

So is it cannon that her dad died tragically.  All the evidence points to yes.  We haven't seen him in any present day episodes, and stuff like the event during Sonic Rainboom, should have been places where he would have come to support his daughter, so logically he must be dead.

Bucks given = 0

Cheerilee smiles as she finds her next three unsuspecting victims.

Cupcake anyone?

Sorry Luna, if I had to choose I'd go with Nightmare Moon... you're way cooler as a villain.

I want to go home so I can watch the finale, but no, I'm stuck here doing Pony Pics... my sacrifices are severely unappreciated... I'm basically Mother Teresa.

No Sweeite, you're beautiful!

Why yes, I would watch My Little Gurren Lagan.

I've heard of suffering for beauty, but this is ridiculous!

Glowy hands, you no shit is about to get real when you get glowy hands.

Boobs, glorious boobs.

ou could easily smother three people simultaneously with those things... when I die... I want it to be by being smothered by breasts.

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  1. Ordinarily, I'd think that a pony with a big tail would be extra fluffy and cuddly. This is Vinyl Scratch though, so it's possible that her tail contains gallons of hair gel. =P

    I'm not saying it was alicorns, but it was alicorns... I can't wait to see your finale review. XD

    Oh yes, robots... And Raikoh just did a new pic of Shockwave too! Woot!

    Let's see: Both of Twilight's parents are alive. Both of Rarity's parents are alive. Pinkie's parents are probably still at the rock farm. Applejack's parents are pretty much confirmed dead... And we know next to NOTHING about either of the pegasi's parents... But yeah, it doesn't seem that unreasonable to assume that RD's parents are dead too, given the evidence...

    My Little Gurren Lagann? YES PLEASE.

    Shining Armor was a captain in the royal guard. I'm sure he can take a few little stab wounds. Lol.

    You know $hit is about to get real when you get glowy hands? SHINING FINGEEERRR!!