Feb 9, 2013

Pony Pics 159

Applejack is sad because today's Pony Pics is short, oh well, blame Rainbow Dash, that's what I always do!

She may look bad ass, but she's really just an apple cider vending machine.

And that was how Dinky died.  The End.

I can't read Chinese, but if I could I'd bet that scroll is some erotic fanfic... I just know it.

I was going to use a "Twilight got wet" joke, but then I realized I'd probably used that joke about 100 times... then I realized that I'm a weak willed pervert and I'll probably use it 100 more times!

Yeah, you're going to need to do some clicking here.
Makes about as much sense as what will probably happen.


  1. On the Chinese New Years pic... her scroll, unfortunately, is not an erotic fic. It's just a decoration/talisman scroll wishing for a happy new year (it says "sun leen fi lok (cantonese)", and literally means: "May fortune quickly (come for the) new year").

    1. "Come" or cum? Ah! Ah! See, it can be an erotic fic, if you just believe hard enough.