Feb 5, 2013

Petition to change American national anthem to MLPFiM Theme Song


Am I really posting this? Really?

Yes, apparently there is a petition right now to change the American national anthem to the MLPFiM theme song (which, I would like to point out, is copyrighted, so there is an issue there).

It can be found here.

If this can get 100000 signatures in a month, then it will have reached its goal. Whether or not the government goes with it or not, is up to them, of course.

Now, this may sound impressive, given that the show now has a petition on the White House website, but:

Here is a petition for a reality show with Joe Biden.
Here is a petition for us to build the Death Star.
Here is a petition for Texas to secede from the union (which sounds good compared to the last two, but the Supreme Court has ruled that it cannot legally do so).

So basically, the whitehouse.gov petitions mean nothing.

What are my personal thoughts on a MLPFiM national anthem?

As a brony, I am appalled at this idea. Yes, it would be good to have a song about love and tolerance, and it would probably introduce a lot of people to the show. BUT WE SHOULD NOT DO THAT. The whole point of the "love and tolerance" motto is, often forgotten by most bronies, that we don't force our opinions down your throat, contrary to what haters do. We should not force people into watching the show. Period. We are a country built on freedom, including the freedom of choosing what to watch on television.

As a US resident, I am honestly even more disturbed by this. For those unaware, I frequently post things about politics. I don't do it on Obsession is Magic, simply because this is hardly a good place for it, but if you see me on other political-centered sites, you'll see that I spread a lot of political opinions, and I try to give as much support as I can to the Democratic Party, my political party of choice. But regardless of whether you support the Democrats, Republicans, some third party, or even no political party at all, I think we can ALL unanimously agree that there are far bigger problems with this country that we can spend our time and money on. Things like trying to eliminate poverty, trying to end corruption in our government, trying to decrease our prison population, and trying to stop lobbyists.

And those of you who are Republican Party supporters don't need to worry about OIM doing anything political. Speaking strictly for myself, as I said, this blog is not a place for me to preach my political views. Unless it's pony-related (like this petition), I promise not to post politics here, so you can freely continue to support Obsession Is Magic. If another OIM member tries to post politically, then I'll see if I can contact them and ask what they're thinking. Politics is a great way to eliminate anyone in your potential audience that disagrees with you, and since our blog aims to get the most viewers, chances are that it is best that we stay away from this. So if any other OIM members get the idea to post politics, read this paragraph again please. :P

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  1. Yeah, I highly doubt the white house will role with this, I don't care how many signatures they get.

    Anyway, I'm a republican, so OIM's political leanings, are balanced between us.