Feb 16, 2013

OIM's Equestrian Girls

In honor of the recently announce Equestrian Girls spin off series, I drew up my lovely ladies as actual lovely ladies.  Now I didn't use Paint Tool Sai to color the pic like I usually do, instead I sketched it out on my tablet and then colored it with that program as well.  it's about a zillion times faster this way but it doesn't look as good.  Now I personally like both way, I've always had a soft spot for thick black sketchy lines, but what do you guys think?  Are y'all okay with either style or do y'all think that polishing it in Sai is a must?  right Now I'm thinking about switching between the two, just depending on how I feel, but if y'all really don't like the new style then I'll stick with the old one.


  1. I like the sketchy style quite a bit, and I don't see any problem with you switching back and forth whenever you feel like it. As for the actual CONTENT of the above image... Tsk tsk, Dusty. What ever are we going to do with you?

    1. You do know that Equestrian Girls now gives me a valid reason to draw humans, which in turns means boobs. (smug face) But don't worry, I won't over do it.