Feb 16, 2013

New Nightmare Moon?

We have a synopsis for the IDW comic, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #7 - The new Nightmare Moon has revealed herself... and captured our stunned Ponies! With time running short for Equestria before a full-scale invasion, the only hope lies with... Spike?! And what role will Princess Luna play?

I had never thought Nightmare Moon would return, but is it actually her or a pony similar in ambition?  Since it calls her the "new" Nightmare Moon I'm not sure what is going to happen, but I am intrigued non the less.


  1. Well, let's go back and read the synopsis for issue #6: "Nightmare Moon returns! But it’s not the same old Nightmare Moon! Someone new, someone close to our heroes, has taken the mantle! What will the Ponies do when the danger hits so close to home? Read it and find out!"

    I have no idea how or why this would happen, but yeah, it sure sounds like the "new Nightmare Moon" is NOT Luna. Of course, I'm very much looking forward to reading this and finding out the details for myself.

    1. "Someone close to our heroes" I really hope it's not Trixie, that's too obvious.