Feb 25, 2013

More Magic, Less Mystery, Still No Cure

Original review here: Magical Mystery Cure OIM Review  I revisit some of the points people have made about my finale review. I approach it calmly and present my case rationally, so no boob jokes or anything in this, so feel free to skip it if that's all you're here for.


  1. While I noticed all of those plot holes in the episode, I just drove around the holes rather than through them. Yeah, the spell made no sense, but if you ignore that, and you just see it as "it changes things without changing them", despite that making no sense, the episode works. Just pretend it makes sense.

    And I absolutely agree with you that the alicorn ending felt "tacked on" to the episode. I will no longer defend alicorn Twilight. It was dumb. The cutie mark plot was the good part of the episode. Alicorn Twilight can go die. Although I still say it is just "she has wings". What do you mean princesses have to stay in Canterlot? She's your fucking princess, bitch. If she wants to continue to live in Ponyville, you let her do as she damn pleases.

    Huh. I dunno what came over me there. Weird. Anyways, I'm going to wait to see what they do with Alicorn Twilight in the future to see whether this change was necessary or not.

    As for the "only unicorns can become princesses" point, I just assumed that "writing magic" is the test for unicorn ponies to become princesses, and pegasus ponies and earth ponies just have different tests.

    1. Yay, I'm slowly converting you over to my side!

  2. I agree that this episode had some noteworthy plot holes, and I certainly enjoyed hearing your take on all of them, but they simply weren't bad enough to take much away from my enjoyment. I liked the episode. I liked the overall tone and the overall way that it was presented. I feel that it worked, and that it worked WELL. Though, I admit that I probably had an easier time liking this episode just because I never had a problem with Twilight becoming an alicorn... I honestly don't think it needed to wait for the series finale. Most of season 3 was proof that the show had been getting a bit stale, and that we needed something new. We needed something with the potential to contribute interesting plotlines to future episodes, something that could spice things up again. We have that now. And yes, I enjoyed the episode that made it happen. I'm already more excited for season 4 than I ever was for season 2 or 3.

    But yeah, I definitely see where your coming from, I just... enjoyed the episode. That's it, simple as that. We all have our own opinions.

    P.S. You know I love you, Dusty. C'mere and bring it in for a hug, bro.

    1. I love you too Drom!

      (*Drom pushes Dusty away)

      What, too much tongue?