Feb 11, 2013

Molded Toys, molded toys everywhere.

There's a whole heap of merchandise coming up but none of it is really anything to get excited about, except for a whole gob of molded figures.  If you've watched my toy reviews then you know that I really like the fully molded mini figures.  Well it looks like my prayers have been answered because there's quite a few for us too collect.  The above show a fully plastic, white, Celestia, and even more exciting, a gosh darn Chrysalis.

Octavia, with her violin or whatever we decided it was.

Flim sans Flam, and you'll notice that he can have a hat, but yet Applejack does not, okay then.
Also Twist, but seriously, who wants Twist?

Well I can't say that I like any of these. Nightmare Moons mane should have at least been a dark color, instead it's this bright purple... I'm reasonably sure that's not how I remember her.  I'd also really like to see a Sombra figure come out, but if that ever happens it'll probably still be a ways off.


  1. There's some nice stuff here. I'd love to get my hands on a Chrysalis and an Octavia... provided I don't spend all of my money on new Transformers...

    1. That Chrysalis will be mine, I must have it!