Feb 20, 2013

Magical Mystery Cure Poll

I will regret this, I am sure, but we haven't had a poll in a long while, so let's roll with it.  Now that we've seen Magical Mystery Cure, what did y'all think?

-I loved it, hail the new Princess!
-I hated it, why Hasbro why!

I'm not going to tell y'all how to vote... but option 2 is the right answer, in case you were wondering.

1 comment:

  1. I'm kinda torn on this one. I loved it, but if there's one part that I didn't like, it was the new princess. GRRR! Why u no make middle option!?

    Well, I guess I'll go for option 1, if only because of how adamantly I defended Alicorn Twilight pre-episode.