Feb 18, 2013

Magical Mystery Cure OIM Review

The one wherein I slowly die inside.  I'm ready for my Oscar now, because after all the emotion I showed, I think I earned it.  The season may be done, but I've got a couple of videos I've been waiting to do until now, plus I'll be doing reviews on the movie and Equestrian Girls, so y'all won't be getting rid of me that easily.  Also sorry if I offended anybody... I'm more of a "You either agree with me or you're not fit to live as a human being" type of personality... so yeah, I got a little heated.


  1. Hey, Dusty, your bias is showing :P
    It might not be the best episode, but it wasn't the worst of the season, let alone the whole series. I didn't like how rushed it felt at the end, but the whole thing with cutie marks wasn't nearly as bad as the Equestrian games or the Spike at your service.
    The buildup for this episode was started 13 episodes ago, when Celestia first mentioned the whole thing with getting Twilight to the next level and the book from the end of the second chapter was the destiny spell.

    Sure, I don't like the idea that twilight is a princess because she has wings... I don't like the connection between the two. Honestly, she can be both and I could think of few ways to make her both without connecting one to the other, because this is lazy even for a cartoon for little children.

    What else... songs are pretty catchy, at leas two out of five are really good, and I don't really like all that many songs from the show.

    Pinkie's straight mane and Rarity's wet mane as well as few appearances of Derpy and appearance of Vinyl Scratch... they knew they will have to make up for that and they tried their best, you have to say at least as much :)
    Also, you didn't get the most obvious hint and I am seriously disappointed here.
    The "everything is going to be just fine" or whatever... obviously it won't be and we have the season 4 premiere and/or the movie to show that.
    I bet that some somewhere in the next movie/episode we'll get the recap of that song with showing how everything is not fine, just like the did with BBBFF song and the not prepared song in the past.

    1. Yeah, I got that 'Going to be fine' was probably hinting towards it's not going to be fine, but I'm just too pissed to care about the future. I'm in the now and what we have now is bad.

  2. DID YOU SERIOUSLY JUST CALL M.A. Larson "Miss Larson?"

    You do know that M.A. Larson is male, right?

    1. Whoops, I could have sworn that I saw Larson was a girl. Eh, male or female, my points still stand.

  3. I agree with you most of the part, but I think it could be worse with the premise it had. About the alicorn Twilight subject, I received it with cold blood, because I knew perfectly how it would suck, and with that knowledge I could see that M.A. Larson made a big effort for the episode, but with his poor writing skills, all his effort felt short for me in this episode.

  4. Dang, if only I had more time to type out my thoughts on this episode... For what it's worth, I'll try to at least cover the most important points.

    Dusty, you know I highly respect your opinion, but my own opinion still stands. I think that this was a good episode, not a GREAT episode, but better than MOST of season 3. Yes, the overall plot wasn't very thrilling and progressed too quickly, but I could say the same of "Keep Calm and Flutter On".

    While I didn't find most of the songs to be very entertaining, there were two that I really did enjoy ("I've Got to Find a Way" and "Celestia's Ballad"). I agree it's a bit odd that Twilight had to become an alicorn before she could be a princess, but I see it as no different from the change in appearance that often comes with a chosen Autobot becoming a Prime. And honestly, the simple addition of wings isn't all that big of a change. As for everypony just going along with the main characters' odd behavior, I don't find it very difficult to believe that changing a pony's very DESTINY could also alter how others perceive them. Also, I don't think that the lack of Pinkie was the only reason why everypony was so irritable. I'd probably be pretty grumpy too if I had to deal with Rarity's chaotic weather. Pinkie just helped cheer them up after the real problem was taken care of.

    Most importantly, I feel that the whole Twilicorn thing was handled fairly well overall. I welcome the change, and I'm really looking forward to the change of pace that it could bring to future episodes.

    I have to give the episode a 7.5 or 8 out of 10.

    1. I agree with this completely. I was just too lazy to type it out. :P

      Thanks, Dromeaosaur.

      I will admit that the two songs that I liked, however, were "What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me" and "True True Friend" (which, interestingly, I hated it out-of-context, but liked it in the episode. Go figure).

      And yeah, Twilight's wings don't change anything. She's still the same as she always was - just another friend living in Ponyville. Same Twilight, it has not changed her at all, aside from giving her the ability to fly and possibly control weather.

      I will admit I was kinda facepalming when she flew at the camera. SHE HAD HER WINGS FOR TWENTY SECONDS and already she's basically as good of a flier as any non-Rainbow pegasus. REALLY!?

      Other than that, I see no problems with our new princess. Or with much of the episode in general. I would have changed it to give writing credit to Daniel Ingram rather than M. A. Larson, though. He deserves it more.

    2. You could say the same for "Keep Calm and Flutter On", but the difference is that episode was actually fun.

      It's not "she's just got wings now" she's an alicorn. If I changed into a demigod you wouldn't say, oh well he's just a bit taller now.

      Also as one of the Youtubers pointed out, only unicorns can become princesses. Earth ponies and pegasi can't cast spells, or write new magic, so they're plum out of luck. Shining Armor, Blue Blood are also both unicorns. Superior race is superior, anyone?

      If the spell altered everypony else's perception, then why didn't it affect Twilight or Spike? You could argue Twilight was exempt because she cast it, but even then I would think she should have felt the effects since it "Changed their destines". And if so then how did that work in curing all the rest of Equestria? They had to go and specifically work with the main 6 to sure them, what about everypony else. You could just throw a "oh well, there all cured now" blanket over it, but yeah, that's more sub par writing for ya.

      She's not just another friend living in Ponyville, she's probably going to live in the castle now and rule... you know, seeing as how she's now a princess.

      What should have happened was the cutie mark stuff should have been one episode, then ended with Celestia saying you're ready. the next episode should have had Twilight doing some stuff to actually become an alicorn and along the way she would analyze whether or not she even wanted to change who she was, if she wanted the responsibilities, of all the changes this would entail.

      This was all around a bad episode, in every way, shape, and form. It literally blows my mind how so many people think this was an okay episode.

      Anyway, I don't feel like losing any friendships over this, so I'll forgive y'all of your impudence. Let's just move on and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

    3. ok mister complain-a-lot, here's a word to you from THE creator:

      now we can argue about the execution, which I my opinion definitely could be better, but you can't say it's not what LF intended.