Feb 8, 2013

Just shut up and buy it

This isn't an issue review, GoldenSandslash is working on that, this is just an update on how I now feel about the IDW comic and why you absolutely owe it to yourself to read it.  As you can see, I get a little excited while talking about it, so you know I'm serious.

Seriously, this violent murder of an innocent makes up for all the stupidity from season 3.


  1. Well then, despite the fact that much of your praise was dedicated to grimdark moments, I'm glad to see that you're liking these now. I'm seriously enjoying these more than most of season 3. And yeah, as GoldenSandslash15 said in the Youtube comments, we still have another story arc coming up in issues 5 through 8, plus six one-shot comics. Each of the one-shot comics will spotlight a different member of the main six, starting with Twilight.

    Anyway, great video, as usual. Your hyperactive enthusiasm had me smiling the whole way through. XD Also, from here on out, I think we should all make an effort to incorporate "buhzauh" into our regular vocabulary. Lol.

    1. I like if for more than the grimdark, but that was the biggest thing that jumped out at me and I wanted to really get it across. I was surprised that they put that much dark stuff in there.