Feb 15, 2013

Hub Saturday Lineup for 2/16

As I'm sure most of you are aware, the My Little Pony season 3 finale airs Saturday morning at 10:30AM ET! If you feel inclined to tune in earlier, The Hub will be showing an MLP marathon starting at 6:00AM ET and leading right up to the aforementioned finale.
This is it, folks! Princess time! And then comes the waiting. Luckily, the upcoming TV movie likely means that we won't have to wait all the way until season 4 to get our pony fix. And hey, weird as it may seem, that "Equestria Girls" spin-off series could end up being pretty interesting too. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Onward, I say! To the future!
Now, in addition to the big moment for MLP, The Hub will also be airing new episodes of Littlest Pet Shop and Dan Vs. this weekend.

Littlest Pet Shop 11:30AM ET

"Sweet (Truck) Ride"
"The pets accidentally send Aunt Christie’s new catering truck careening down the street. Blythe jumps in to stop the truck and rescue everyone, but she is later blamed for the incident. To get her off the hook, the pets decide to film a reenactment."

Dan Vs. 4:30PM ET
"Dan's favorite burger joint starts serving veggies instead of French Fries, so he goes on a mission to eradicate vegetables from his city."

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