Feb 9, 2013

GoldenSandslash Reviews - IDW Comic #3

All right, well. If you make videos, but do the whole thing yourself with absolutely zero outside help, listen to my words of wisdom:



Ordinarily, it takes me an hour to film a review, and then three or four hours of editing. This was an hour and a half of filming (mainly due to the Pinkamena storyline of my videos, there's a lot of it here, and that took extra time) and then TWELVE HOURS of editing. Ugh.

I will never know how Dusty manages to do this every single week. I'm guessing he's a god or something.

I can honestly say though, that I have done literally NOTHING all day today except work on this video. So to recap:

Issue #1: Waited in line for THREE HOURS.
Issue #2: Had to deal with hard drive space which was a huge pain.
Issue #3: Green Screens. The bane of my existence.

I must be a masochist. But you know what? It's totally worth it to be on the OIM Team. I <3 you guys, you're totally worth doing all this stuff for.

I may take the day off tomorrow though. Or at least a good chunk of it. I'm just so drained right now that I need a break from this.


  1. Yeah, doing videos is a whole lot more time and work than people realize.

    1. This. Seriously, this.

      And trying to add a storyline to your videos makes it even harder. I somewhat regret it, but at the same time, it's good if you guys can enjoy it.

  2. Thank you, whoever fixed the embed. (I'm guessing Dusty.)

  3. Yep, I wouldn't leave ya hanging. ;)

    Okay, now that I've watched it here are some thoughts.

    I think "fillyship" was a play on fellowship.

    Sisterhooves social... we don't talk about that episode.

    R.I.P. GoldenSandslash, a Brony to the end.

    I've actually considered trying green screen before, came real close to going out and buying a green screen once. I would have stood in front of the camera and had clips from the episode playing behind me, but in the end I figured it'd be more trouble than it was worth. From your experience, sound like I was right.