Feb 8, 2013

Games Ponies Play Previews

First we have this sickening banner of a monstrous creature that I no longer recognize, and below we have two clips from tomorrow's episode, Games Ponies Play.  Now I usually watch all the previews, but since the episode is only a day away, I'm going to save myself for it... so that's why I'm not making any jokes on em.

And we'll end with some punk rock hairstyle for Cadence.\


  1. Clip 1: Oh Pinkie... You're so funny. XD

    Clip 2: REALLY!? The whole problem here is how somepony's mane looks? Sounds like G3. Oh, and how many times have we seen the "insanely long paper" thing? Too many.

  2. I have to say, the whole "separate but simultaneous plotlines" thing that this episode has going with Just for Sidekicks reminds of the four "T" episodes from season two of Transformers: Prime... I'm guessing that nobody is going to end up injured and in a coma at the end of THIS arc though.