Feb 11, 2013

Games Ponies Play OIM Review

Finally coming at your eyeballs in higher definition.  I had been saving my videos in a lower quality because I thought the upload times would be too outrages if I did, turns out I was wrong... so with only two episode reviews left, have some 720p.



    RD's mane being genetic may not be true, cause we don't know for sure whether or not that other pony (who you called her father) is related to her.

    The mud bath being green probably is cause it's not just mud, but crystal mud. Or something.

    The "cock pony" was given the fan name Ms. Peachbottom, because that was the name of Ms. Harshwinny in the original script for the episode.

    Oh, and I love how an entire empire getting the games is just as equivalent as a city getting them. When in the entire history of mankind has an empire consisted of just a single city!?

    1. Oh the 2 7 9 3 thing really annoyed the hang out of me as well, but I didn't feel it warranted talking about.

      I think it's pretty safe to assume that was her father.

      Mud that is also crystal? That would be painful to jump on.

      Peachbottom doesn't make much sense, I saw some people calling her chickadee, I like that better.

      Yeah, there's a lot of stuff about the Crystal Empire that doesn't make sense.

  2. Oddly enough, I found this to be one of the most enjoyable episodes in season 3... not that I think the rest of the season had set bar very high, mind you. I agree, the Crystal Empire really isn't that interesting, and this episode's plot was clichéd as all get out... but Rainbow Dash stole the show and I couldn't resist smiling through just about the whole thing. XD

    On another note, I'd like to go out on a limb and assume that the mud bath contains some form of algae or algae extract, which is indeed utilized in some real-life skin care products. The Gak-like bounciness isn't all that unusual either, since mud can come in a wide variety of consistencies depending on the water content and the size of its solid particles... More importantly, however... this is a cartoon we're talking about here. =P

    Now then, please excuse me while I go and rewatch the Giga Pudding commercial.

    1. Yes mud can be different, and yes this is a cartoon, but mud is always portrayed as a squishy slop that bogs you down, always. I've never seen anyone portray mud like jello.

      Giga Puddi!