Feb 13, 2013

Equestria Girls - MLP Spinoff Show

Yes, this is real.

Oh god, just shoot me.

So, um, the reason Season 3 was so short is because we're getting a spinoff series this Spring instead!

Terrible trade-off.

In this spinoff, called Equestria Girls (I'll rant about the title in a sec), it's basically going to be about humanized ponies in a high school setting.

Now, as we all know, "Equestria Girls" came from a commercial that aired shortly after Season 1. Now this show is just gonna remind me of that. And seeing as how that was the first instance of "pandering to the bronies", that's not a good thing.

The premise is fairly weak too. Ponies in high school? Really? NO.

Now, having said that, there is one good thing to come out of this: humanized ponies. Now, I know that it's usually Dusty's job to make the Rule 34 jokes, but since he's lacking Internet access at the moment, I'll have to do. I, like most people, am attracted to humans. Dusty can do what he wants with horses and clopping. While I don't enjoy Rule 34 ponies, I don't mind it at all if it's humanized, so maybe we'll see more of that.

But at the cost of this stupid show airing on television? NOT WORTH IT.


Seriously, if not for the fact that we already have a Season 4 confirmation, I would leave the fandom. Think about it. Season 3 is ending with Twilight becoming an alicorn, and then we have a TV Movie. This is the perfect way to end a show. Not a season, but the whole damn show. Equestria Girls will just be a "My Little Pony G4.5" to me. Not the same, so I won't watch it.

Except for the fact that G4 will be continuing at the same time. Which basically means, I'm still a brony.

Now, Equestria Daily has a summary of all of the info we know, but it's exactly what I wrote above, minus my personal opinions of course. They do go into more detail about HOW we know this stuff, so if you want to know about that, go ahead and hit that link.

And yes, I know I'm going to hell for linking to EqD. No need to tell me.


  1. I disagree with most of your opinion, while I do think this looks like a INCREDIBLY stupid idea, they probably will make it fine. Remember that mlp at the first look, does not seem like that great of an idea, but after the third or so episode, you realize how good it can be. I am not saying this will be a good show, but I will give it a chance, in which my opinion will probably be negative. If mlp was not continuing after this though, I would be in a blind rage!

    1. See, but that's the third episode of the first season, before they started the pandering. I think it can be agreed that MLPFiM has gone WAY downhill since then. In fact, the only enjoyable Season 3 episode so far, in my opinion, has been "Just for Sidekicks," and even that had some incredibly stupid parts in it. *cough* Zecora *cough*

      If they started this new show right now, then chances are it will flop, just as recent episodes have been doing.

      Know why? Lauren motherbucking Faust.

      Her dream was to create a show for little girls that adults of both genders would like as well. She succeeded, and it is awesome. But now she's gone, and the show is more or less becoming a standard "little girl" show, what with Twilight being a princess and stuff like that. (Which I still say is fine until the writers prove otherwise, although I am starting to grow concerned.)

      But EQG? Terrible. Because they picked NOW as a starting point, when the show sucks.

      As it stands now, the only way I see this succeeding is if Lauren is allowed on the team again, but I just don't see that happening.

  2. I don't know. If they can still get the original VAs, I might give this a shot, but if not, I really can't see how I'm going to enjoy this show.

  3. Yeah, this is bad, bad, bad. For one thing they're taking away the one thing that makes My Little PONY what it is, PONIES. This is almost sickening in how they think, okay, MLP is popular so let's just make another show and call it a spinoff but have it in no way, shape, or form be like the original.

    MLP is also about adventure, about exploring this fantasy world, now it's just another teen drama in highschool show which we don't already have enough of those.

    I'll give it a shot, but I have any expectations for it. It'll probably be like Littlest Pet Shop. Okay, sort of fun to watch, but never getting over the bar to become "good".

    And yes, they have to get the same Voice actors or else they won't even have a snowballs chance in hell.

  4. Also will it have all the MLP characters? Will Celestia be the Principal? Will Cheerilee be their teacher? Will Luna be the weird janitor? And what about Spike, will he be Twilight's younger brother? So many questions that I wish we never had to know the answer to.

  5. look, I've been a Brony as long as anyone, and any sane Brony could tell you that this was a bad idea...
    But honestly, I'm gonna keep an open mind, make my final verdict after I've actually watched the darned show... I'm really a little disappointed, and not just in Hasbro for greedily trying to sell toys and pretty much giving us the finger all through the last few months.
    I'm disappointed in us... It makes me sad to think that the Bronies, the adult men (And women) who love a show about six colorful girl ponies who learn about the magic of friendship, could be so... Closed-Minded.
    I love MLP, but like many others, I was a skeptic at first too. I recall thoughts like 'Adult men who watch a show for 5 year olds? They must be gay pedophiles!'
    I chose to stop my whining and stereotyping, rolled my eyes and opened a youtube window.
    Any Brony has already heard the rest, so I'll get to the point..
    I was wrong, and nothing has ever made me a happier, kinder, wiser, more generous, more honest, and more loyal person.
    I love MLP, to this day I still wait for each new episode with bated breath, I've done it since season one and I have no intention of stopping now.
    A comment above said something about the show decreasing in quality...I have to respectfully disagree, I watched season 1, it was great, the animation style, the voice acting, the storytelling, the lessons, all of it fantastic workmanship above and beyond the standards set by today's cartoon community.
    Season 2 continued the above, even improving the animation, smoother, cleaner and more vibrant were the visuals, so much so that it's my favorite of the three seasons, introducing awesome characters like the Q-esque Discord, Princess Cadence, Shining Armor, Princess Luna, (er, re-introducing the previous), and so many others that just made the show that much more enjoyable!
    Season 3 has been fantastic, I don't care about pandering, it's an acknowledgement to the fandom that takes serious guts to put out there when so many other shows' creators look to their fanbase as a simple way to make money, (yes, I'm glaring at YOU, CN.)
    But it was painfully short and nobrony knew why... It didn't make sense, the animation and acting were as great as they've ever been, even implementing smoothly CGI animation with the Timberwolves in 'Spike at Your Service'.
    It's taken leaps and bounds from its humble beginnings, which is why I find it so hard to swalow that so many bronies are sitting there saying 'it's not good enough'...
    This shouldn't come as a surprise to me, I've been a shameful member of the Sonic Fandom for a long time... But It does surprise me... I love the show, but even more so, I loved the Bronies!
    We have to be the most innovative, creative, loyal, intelligent, mature, and most impressive group of human beings to ever click a mouse.
    And now, I see that very open-mindedness, that maturity and intelligence expressed by the Herd has somehow become meaning less to us... Yes, I do believe this is a bad idea, and yes, I dislike the idea of having canon humanized ponies, but the reason I'm not going to rage, threaten to leave, or spam message boards just because of this, I didn't do it when Twilicorn was revealed, and I won't for this.
    Why? Because I'd like to remember the day I watched 'Friendship is Magic part 1' and continue with the same maturity that I had never expressed before then, now.
    Fellow Bronies, I'm not gonna tell ya what to think about this, odds are you've already made up your minds.... But it scares me and disheartens me to see the community I was proud to be a part of turn sour like this... I'll never quit being a Brony, you guys are my friends, and I'm yours... But the show is a surrogate friend in and of itself, and I'll always be loyal to my friends... No matter how hard.
    -A Brony.

    1. You are entitled to your opinion.

      In regards to Season 1 vs Season 2 and 3, I will admit that probably the best episodes have come out of Season 2, but the overall average of the episodes was best in Season 1.

      See Dusty's Alicorn Twilight rant on YouTube for more info about that.

  6. they should of called it my little human

  7. My problem isn't that "boo hoo I like ponies make them ponies", my major butthurt is that this is currently among the very very very few shows that do not mount to body image pressure on little girls, that don't promote consumerism (love of fashion, ugh) and vanity, that don't offer a very narrow view into femininity and the world of little girls which, might I add, is not always pink and rainbows and god-freaking fashion and in fact promotes the idea of girls as active participants in the world they are engaged in.
    Also love interests. Really? Please. I guess they dodged the bullet of racial debate by making the humans random colors.

    My nieces weren't very impressed when we showed them. They just wanted to know why call it My Little PONY if there's no ponies in it.

    I am disappointed to see such downhill development for something Faust worked so hard for.

    1. You make a very good point, and I agree that changing these unique characters into "perfect" skinny girls in skirts may not be sending the best message... And the possibility that they might be introducing a pointless "love interest" REALLY rubs me the wrong way... However, I think we need to keep in mind that MLP has been promoting consumerism ever since it began in the 80's. It's always been about selling toys, and plenty of those toys have had their fair share of fashion accessories. I'm certainly not the first to say it, but it looks like Equestria Girls is nothing more than Hasbro's attempt to cash in on the success of shows like Monster High and sell dolls. And honestly, I don't see anything wrong with this particular aspect. Merchandising can help a franchise grow, and I myself have bought a few things here and there to support the show too.

      Personally, I'm willing to give Equestria Girls a chance. And hey, if it turns out to be completely terrible, there's probably only going to be this one movie to suffer through anyway... After that, we can just go back to the normal pony goodness when season 4 comes out!