Feb 2, 2013

Alicorn Timeline

  • April 14 1984 - My Little Pony begins airing. Ponies of all kinds of varieties are seen, including earth, unicorn, and pegasus ponies. No alicorns appear in the show. Countless Alicorn OCs are created, however.
  • October 10 2010 - My Little Pony Friendship is Magic begins airing. Twilight Sparkle as a character is introduced. The show gains a surprising following of adult males.
  • October 17 2010 - Princess Celestia, the first canon alicorn of any generation, is shown on the show.
  • October 20 2010 - The first G4 OCs begin popping up, on 4Chan. It is generally well-accepted that no alicorn OCs are acceptable in G4.
  • January 19 2011 - A fan site opens for bronies, called Equestria Daily. They would later sell their souls to the devil and become an absolutely evil site.
  • January 25 2011 - Equestria Daily begins using "Drawfriend Stuff"s to show off fan artwork.
  • May 28 2011 - The first Twilght Alicorn fanart is made, pictured above.
  • May 28 2011 - The aforementioned picture gets posted on Equestria Daily in Drawfriend Stuff #91.
  • May 29 2011 - The picture becomes widespread due to EqD, and more bronies start drawing fanart of Twilight as an alicorn, proving that they like this idea.
  • September 16 2011 - Lauren Faust creates an alicorn OC. As the closest thing the fandom has to a creator, the fanbase deems this acceptable, and she is the only person permitted to have an alicorn OC.
  • October 17 2012 - The first official artwork of Alicorn Twilight is revealed. Most bronies believe it to be an error.
  • November 10 2012 - Season 3 begins airing.
  • January 14 2013 - More Alicorn Twilight merchandise. Bronies begin to worry.
  • January 22 2013 - The Alicorn Twilight rumors and merchandise continue at an exponential rate.
  • January 29 2013 - The rumors are confirmed.
  • February 16 2013 - The Season 3 finale presumably airs (barring some natural disaster taking out the studio or something). Twilight Sparkle becomes an alicorn.

So to recap, the idea of alicorns was entirely made by the fans. The idea of TWILIGHT as an alicorn was also fanmade. And now the bronies are mad about this.

You guys are hypocrites. Thank you.


  1. Equestria Daily may have its problems, but it isn't evil. There are far worse sites on the internet. And you should specify what you mean by "the idea of alicorns". If we're talking about winged unicorns, those appeared in episode one on 10/10/10, in the storybook opening, and then again in episode two, with the present-day Celestia and Luna.

    It is true, however, that fans and bronies took the word "alicorn", and were the ones who began to heavily associate it with the idea of a "winged unicorn". And while you say that the first Alicorn Twilight fan art was made on 5/28/11, I'm pretty sure Meghan McCarthy said that writing for Season 3 began in early 2011, and the writers never look at fan art for story ideas. If you want, I can hunt down proof of her saying when Season 3 writing started, or I can just ask her again (though I wasn't the one to get her to say that initially.)

    Good post; you made me do my own writeup.

    1. Sorry Jordan, but we consider Equestria Daily to be the brony version of Disney World on this site, since most of us have been irked by EqD one way or another. Please excuse our lack of sympathy for them.

      However, I do agree with what you say. I also don't think the writers for season 3 took the idea of Alicorn Twilight from the fans. After all, it is a very common rule among creators with a fanbase that they try not to look at fanwork, since it is possible they could be influenced by it, and that would be "cheating." I believe it is just coincidental that fans thought of Alicorn Twilight around the same time period as the writing of season 3.

      Also, technically Princess Celestia's canon appearance was on October 10, not the 17th, since she can be seen in the show's intro. But that's just nitpicking, I know what you meant, GS.

    2. Likewise, The Walt Disney World Resort isn't all bad either, but I suppose there's no convincing you otherwise. I can understand why you would see both Disney World and Equestria Daily as having certain negative attributes, but such attributes are not enough to consider them literally and unsarcastically/unjokingly "evil".

      I was electing not to call the winged unicorns in episode 1 Celestia and Luna, just in case, but you're right, they are those two characters, albeit in younger form.

  2. The whole "EqD is evil" thing was mostly meant as a joke at the whole "OIM vs EQD" war that we have going on.

    And as for Episode 1, I completely forgot that Celestia and Luna were in that. (I knew Nightmare Moon was, but that's just "generic villain", and not "alicorn character" in my book.)

    1. Did you also mean to include things like My Little Pony Tales?


  3. What! Eqd hate and I wasn't involved! Guys, I'm so proud of y'all. (wipes tear from eye). Anywho, I don't really think Eqd is evil (and I have no idea what's going on about Disney World) but I do believe that they're selfinflated jerks. To the average person, it's not readily present, but once you've dealt with them a while, their true colors start to shine through. Anyway, Obsession Is Magic has had it really rough by them, so it was a running thing I started long ago.... what was I even talking about, Alicorns, that's right.

    Yeah, alicorns were there from the start of FIM, but they were set up to be akin to deities.

    While I'm not sold on the, this was the fans faults. Keep in mind that they do know what we like and want. We brought Derpy to the forefront, then she became a full fledged part of the show.

  4. Some people would say Twilight becoming an alicorn IS a natural disaster.

  5. I'm convinced this fanbase is a toxic mess that needs to be put down at this point. No offense to the more sane and sensible of you, but you have mostly failed to keep your people in line... This truth cannot be ignored anymore.

    1. I say this due to how almost everyone is reacting to this whole "alicorn Twilight" noise...

      I would've abandoned this show because the writing or direction overall were going south( a bad one), not because of something that probably won't be a truly permanent change to the status quo...

    2. Sounds like you need a chill pill.

  6. I could totally understand only wanting something in fanworks, which tend to be "what if" and "why not" deals.