Jan 16, 2013

Whelp, it's definitely a thing

There's a new coloring book with a bunch of stickers in it.  You may notice that this is an alicorn Twilght.  This has been a rumor for a while now, what with all the clues pointing to this and Celestia's "Sh'es ready for the next level" lines.  SO this is pretty definitive evidence that this is going to happen.  Now I'm 100 percent against this, for one thing I don't like the idea of just "Congratulations, your Twilight evolved into Uber Twilight!", and second this should be somthing to end the series on, like the last episode should be her murdering Celestia and becoming the next Princess of Equestria.  If they just randomly have her change into an alicorn in the middle of the series... that's just bad.

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