Jan 15, 2013

Tsukihime Remake Trailer

Blue Blue Glass Moon, Under The Crimson Air...

I wonder, does anyone remember that Type-Moon post I made way back in May last year? Well, Type-Moon is releasing a limited edition "TYPE-MOON Fes. -10TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT- Blu-ray Disc Box" in Japan (for which a BEAUTIFUL trailer can be seen here), and it's absolutely PACKED with wonderful goodies. These goodies include two Blu-ray discs (containing about 480 minutes of footage, in total), a bonus footage disc, and a bonus CD set...
And now, contained within that bonus footage disc... We finally have a trailer for the upcoming remake of Tsukihime! It may not be much, simply showing off some character artwork and a remixed version of the Tsukihime theme music, but my goodness it's gotten me hyped! Like, my goodness, it's finally coming soon! (Sure, people like me will still have to wait for other fans to provide a translation patch, but still!)

As a whole, getting into the Type-Moon fandom may seem a bit daunting, but this game will take us back to where it all started. December 2000, Type-Moon's first visual novel... I, of course, was much too young to play Tsukihime back then (this stuff is NOT safe for the young'uns), but it was indeed still wonderful when I discovered it many years after its release.
This remake has the potential to revitalize one of the most wonderful stories that I've ever read (no, I don't feel that I'm exaggerating here, I really am that crazy about this game), and I can't wait to read it again! ...Now, the original game contained some Dusty-approved moments, but rumor has it that those scenes won't be present in the remake. This has led to a little fan speculation that the erotic content might be taken out in order to help the game get ported to a console like the PS3 or Xbox 360 (visual novels on consoles are surprisingly common in Japan). Whatever happens, it's finally time to revisit an epic tale of supernatural conflict, romance, and chair smashing!

Check after the break if you want to take a look at the contents of the aforementioned "TYPE-MOON Fes. -10TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT- Blu-ray Disc Box". (Is it too much to hope for a North American release?...)

Main contents:
1st Program: Yuki Kajiura Live
2nd Program: Fate/Zero
3rd Program: Carnival Phantasm
4th Program: Hibiki chikaradio
5th Program: Songs

Type-Moon original illustration 3-sided box
Special digipack style
Original booklet (36 pages)

Bonus footage BD:
“Carnival Phantasm new footage” (appx. 26min)
“Sora no Kyokai the movie – Mirai Fukuin PV”
“Next Type-Moon contents Trailer”

Bonus CD:
original drama CD (supervisor: Kinoko Nasu)

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