Jan 23, 2013

Pony Pics 154

Lock and load, it's time for Pony Pics!

And more guns, cause guns!
... I don't think Discord is the type of person who is responsible enough to take care of a baby, just saying.

I want to make a Beauty and the Beast quote here... but I can barely remember anything in this movie.

I had speculated that the Fluttershy X Celestia pics would start happening after the episode, but nope, I haven't seen a single one yet... sigh.

She'll daww you right up until she sucks out every once of love from your body.

If alicorn Twilight happens you might as well place a wall between her and my love, cause I ain't having it!

Discord should just become a regular on the show, he could be the 7th Element of Harmony of something.

We're pretty much intimately familiar with Sweet Apple Acres, how about we go some others places in the show?  Please... please.

Look, Hasbro... just give us our Doctor Whooves episode already... just do it.

Have I used the flower equals Fluttershy giving away her virginity analogy before?  I have?  Well guess what, I'm using it again!

Turtle necks are where it's at.


  1. The alicorn Twi thing isn't happening, they're debuting Shining Armor and Cadence's kid that episode. Even all the toys of the new princess look like those two.

    1. God, I hope you're right, I hope you're right.