Jan 2, 2013

Pony Pics 148

When will Infinite get here.... WHEN!!!

I came this close to forgetting to do a Pony Pics today.  I'm going senile in my old age apparently.

Well this just may be the coolest thing ever.

I wonder if Twilight finished all those books, don't you hate when plot lines don't get resolved?

A bit late for Christmas pics, but oh well, it looks too good not to post.

If you think about it, that's probably what should have happened.

This pic is labeled Fiddlestick, but I'd like to point out that her proper name is Countravia.

It took me forever to realize that was a butterfly.  I kept on thinking it was some sort of face.... don't patronize me.

Now all she needs is some rope and traintracks.

I've never actually watch Dragon Ball if you can believe it.

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