Jan 8, 2013

Pony Memes 25

"Sleepless in Bikini Bottom" by Jahw234

After 41 days, it's finally done! Ladies and gentlecolts, allow me to introduce... Pony Memes 25! 41 days doesn't sound like a long time, but since my last meme-related post, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and National Brownie Day have already passed by in a flash.

I really, really apologize for the long wait, but I thought at the 25th of anything you had to put on an obligatory celebration of some sort and by celebration I mean staring at my computer screen until my eyes went numb. To make this day momentous, I decided to make my first official (that "first" one after Hurricane Sandy doesn't count) Top 50 memes, including memes from late November to mid December that encompass a good chunk of the Season 3 episodes ("One Bad Apple" through "Apple Family Reunion").

Anyway, since this was such a large post, I couldn't have done it alone. I called on Dusty and Drom to help me out with the commentary. Say hello guys!

Dusty: "I'm only doing this for the sex jokes, you two can't possibly do it justice without me.... and you promised me free brownies."

Drom: "I don't know about brownies, but I was told that there would be giant robots here... I demand adorable pictures of Starscream!"

Chameleon: "Uh, heh, I-I don't know what you're talking about... Let's just get started, okay?"

Songs that got me us through this ordeal

"Appleshake" by General Mumble
"Melody on my Heartstrings" by dylan1kenobi
"Mr. Cat" by TomSka and Lil DueceDuece
"Midnight City" by M83
Dusty:"Brody Quest"

And since I was working on this through Christmas, have a few of my favorite songs to listen to around the time of the holidays!... What? There's always time for Christmas spirit, no matter how late it may be!

"Little Drummer Boy" covered by Bing Crosby and David Bowie
"I'm Gettin' Nuttin' For Christmas" by Ricky Zahnd
"Linus & Lucy" by Vince Guaraldi Trio
"Hedwig's Theme" by John Williams

50. "Deal With It" by sora205

Dusty:"Got a new personality that completely clashes with previously set character traits?  Deal with it."
Chameleon: "I wear my sunglasses at night~"

49. "That's Right" by Dxthegod

Dusty:"On top, just like in everything else."

48. "Rainbow Dash Rocks" by RainbowDash_Rocks

Chameleon: "Did... did he make that username just to make this meme?"
Dusty:"I thought for sure it'd be Fluttershy.... these polls must be rigged!"
Drom: "Alternate and still perfectly fitting title for this pie chart: Who is best pony?"

47. "Betcha Can't Make a Face Crazier OH DEAR CELESTIA" by oatmealiscrazy

Dusty: "Oh the horrible nightmares this brings back.... (shivers uncontrollably)"

46. "FINALLY GUYS, FINALLY" by alexanderpon
Dusty:"Did she sing?  All I heard was a pony who can't count higher than 4."
Drom: "I couldn't hear much at all after a certain line made me burst out laughing... That's the spirit, Applejack. Get 'er done."

45. "Good Guy Applejack" by BronyKoN

Chameleon: "But Pinkie Pie was already inb4 Applejack sent a letter to the Princess. Doesn't anyone remember?"
Dusty:"Everyone says that but I cannot for the life of me remember Pinkie sending a letter... I need to rewatch some episodes apparently."
Drom: "Ooh! Ooh! I remembered Pinkie's letter! Do I get a cookie?"

44. "She is Flying.." by CanIHazCheezeburger

Dusty:"Series finale, Scootaloo will fly.  Calling it now."
Drom: "Scootaloo's wings are uniquely underdeveloped and she will never be able to fly. Calling it now. ...What? I can be dark too sometimes."
Chameleon: "Unless she takes steroids, like a certain white stallion we know."

43 (Tie). "Cleverbot is a CMC Hater"

Chameleon: "Cleverbot sure can be an ass sometimes, she once told me I must be Voldemort for wanting a hug."
Dusty: "Chameleon, you sick bastard."
Drom: "Chameleon, why must you steal my intimate moments with Cleverbot and claim them as your own?"
Chameleon: *trollface*


Dusty:"Somewhere, Luna sheds a single tear in pride."
Drom: "Pinkie has discovered her destiny and is training in the ways of the Thu'um."

41. "Bronies Unite" by MyInfiniteProduction

Chameleon: "bromine-oxygen-hydrogen-oxygen-oxygen-fluorine"
Drom: "Element symbols, element symbols everywhere... I blame Breaking Bad. On another note, might I suggest uniting with the Homestucks as well? Our combined numbers would surely prove a nigh unstoppable force."

40. "This is What Happens When You Make Your Lolz in Advance" by TomSFox

Dusty:"Like Luna can talk, Scootaloo still has more screen time than she can ever hope to have."

39. "Slowpony" by Deathbycupcakes (via klarnetist)

Dusty: "I'm more of a Fluttermac kind of guy."
Drom: "I never understood the whole Fluttermac thing... Wait, is it because she likes animals and he's such a rugged beast? Hurr hurr."
Chameleon: "badum-tish!... Uh, I mean, no Drom, just no."

38. "Pinkie Isn't the Only One"

Chameleon: "Uh, yes. Yes she can. Did you really have to make a meme about it, anon?"
Dusty: "Another nail in the coffin for my Twilight love.  Why Twi, you used to be the best!"
Drom: "I have one question: How long do we have to wait before Inglip manifests himself in Equestria?"

37. "My Little Ghosts (?)" by Geno_The_Local_Creeper

Chameleon: "You're telling me bronies are capable of finding dozens of tiny animation errors in every episode and have named every background pony, and NONE of you noticed this already?"
Dusty:".....Chameleon...(sad face)... do I have to answer that?"
Drom: "It took me a while, but I eventually noticed without having to be told... Then, immediately after I announced my realization, a friend of mine laughed at me and pointed out that Clyde is their father..."

36. "I Can Has Moar Apple Fwittur?" by Jinrex015

Dusty: "The dawws that day... the dawws."
Chameleon: "Good Lord, if that's how cute baby Applejack is, I can't imagine what baby Fluttershy is like."

35. "They've Come a Long Way" by kitblah

Chameleon: "It also looks like they grew out of their goth phase."
Dusty: "Yeah, I wish they'd grow back into it."
Drom: "We don't have cutie marks... and that makes us angsty... My soul is a deep, dark abyss."

34. "I NEED MY LETTERS" by brittandzacball

Chameleon: "Nobody? Nobody can remember back a few episodes ago?"
Dusty: "You do have to admit Celestia is probably feeling a little neglected.  They won't send me letters, then to the sun they go!"
Drom: "*whimpers* Chameeeeeleooon... I want my cookie..."

33. "You Know You Want To..." by phillipjayfry

Chameleon: "Not sure if Dusty will make porn joke or hold his tongue for the sister of his favorite pony."
Dusty: "Damn skippy I'm making a sex joke.  Sweetie Belle, if you need help cleaning that off, my tongue is ready and waiting.  I'll be sure to get in all the cracks if you know what I mean.  There ya go buddy, was that good enough?"
Drom: "*looks at Dusty's comment* ...Excuse me while I evacuate the contents of my stomach. ...HUUAERRRGH!! ...OOURRGHHABARGHABBL!!"

32. "The Internet" by xFluing

Chameleon: "Female Dromaeosaur is now canon."
Dusty: "Yeah, his facial hair always seemed sort of feminine."
Drom: "You boys are just jealous of my ravishing sense of style. Me and my homegirls are going to the cool table where we can talk about robot shipping in peace."

31. "We've Even Had a Few Extra Days" by OHSBrony

Dusty: "I hate it.  Yay, that means I'm first!"

30. "We'll Knock Them Off Their High Horse Someday Soon" by Khyloa

Drom: "See? Making friends is really all about forming alliances to help you crush your enemies."

29. "Sowwy" by snakeman1992

Chameleon: "That's okay little one, you already gave me the best gift you could give: Diabetes."
Drom: "Ice cream, apple pie, apple fritters, and adorableness. All lead to the eventuality that is diabeetus."

28. "Still Waiting for Those Friendship Reports" by MadameLeFlour (via mlp-vectorclub)

Dusty: "Chameleon, quick, complain again!"
Chameleon: "..."

27 (Tie). "Weird" by ShinkenGold2009

Chameleon: "They actually got the personalities of military leaders pretty accurate."
Dusty: "Yeah, but it shouldn't have been Spitfire as the leader!!!! .....What I meant to say was, Spitfire got her name because she's really energetic when she gives blowjobs and spits a lot."

27 (Tie). "Toughest Sisters in Equestria" by RetroRainbowDash

Chameleon: "I knew they made Rarity too OP in Fighting Is Magic."
Dusty: "C-C-C-Combo breaker!"
Drom: "And now that the combo has been broken, it's time for a relentless barrage of pointy gems!"

25. "This Can't Be!"

Chameleon: "Anon, are you serious? Why are you doing this?"
Dusty: "Can I use this as an excuse to spew more hate on Magic Duel? ...no?  Okay then... I'll go sit in the corner."
Drom: "Seriously, Inglip should be showin' up any second now."

24. "Adorableness Overload" by Derequa

Chameleon: "Doesn't get much cuter than this."
Dusty: "I know right, old men are the cutest."
Drom: "Wow, just when ya think you know a guy... Here Dusty, enjoy."

23. "I Love Fluttershy In This Picture" by GeneralLlamaSauce

Chameleon: "Fluttershy is the one with the best fashion sense, right?"
Dusty: "Applejack's just trying to get attention... it's not working."
Drom: "How about that Mattel logo, eh? Next up, Marvel's Batman!"

22. "Trixie Troubles" by Deathbycupcakes

Chameleon: "'The Wheels on the Bus Go Round And Round' must give Trixie nightmares."
Dusty: "Her mother was killed by a Ferris wheel."
Drom: "Wheels truly are terrifying things, a menace wherever they may be found."

21. "Sweetie Belle is Best Rarity" by peppermint_nightmare

Chameleon: "Rarity is new Dr. Evil."
Dusty: "Yeah baby!"
Drom: "It's perfect! And Opalescence can be the new Mr. Bigglesworth! The only question is... who will be the new Scotty?"

20. "Drama Keeps Us Coming Back" by TomSFox

Drom: "It's an interesting system, but boy howdy it works!"

19. "Rainbow is a Weird Snorer" by guinea_pig_love

Dusty: "With a mouth like that she could suck all the dicks.... after all there's only like three stallions in Equestria."
Drom: "Ignoring Dusty's comment... Doesn't Dashie just look so cute and peaceful when she's sleeping? XD"
Chameleon: "I don't know about cute, she looks kind of indecent in that bottom pic."

18. "Fig.1: Humiliated Fluttershy" by liovanhooten

Chameleon: "In a few minutes, the HUB logo will drown, and we'll never have to deal with it again."
Dusty: "Fluttershy just destroyed an ecosystem, causing untold damage to the flora and fauna."
Drom: "Remember those mice that were living in the walls of Fluttershy's cottage?..."

17. "Both Things We've Been Waiting For!" by OHSBrony

Chameleon: "NOBODY?!"
Dusty: "What's it like being all alone over there?  We've got juice boxes over here."
Drom: "Who cares about juice boxes? I want my cookie!"

16. "Oh, Look a Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo Picture" by Sir_Miracle

Chameleon: "Remember what I said on #24? I take it back."
Dusty: "Old men are still cuter."
Drom: "They heard I like pegasi? Well, they heard right! D'AWWHNNWGGWW..."

15. "Yours Did Too!" by Limpurtikles

Dusty: "My brain lost 23% of it's mass that day."
Chameleon: "I don't think that's healthy."
Drom: "Well, I certainly did a double-take, but I'm pretty sure that the contents of my cranium are still intact."

14. "Holy... Well Played Hub, Well Played" by BigHarry

Drom: "Apparently somebody forgot to inform the trolls."
Chameleon: "Good job, /v/!"

13. "Getting So Dizzy" by sora20s

Chameleon: "Umm... I guess making countdown lists of other people's content doesn't count as productivity..."
Dusty: "Productivity is for the productive... wait what?"

12. "Luna is Best Upstager" by Khyloa

11. "That's a Fast Opening" by RetroRainbowDash

Chameleon: "Wow, I didn't know they hired Yaplap to do the show's opening."

10 (Tie). "Merry Derpmas" by BlackSeventeen

Drom: "And a very merry unbirthday to you!"

10 (Tie). "The YAY Dance" by Herb1990

Chameleon: "Yep, I definitely take back what I said on #24."
Dusty: "Ron Paul wearing cat ears, diabetes is now unavoidable."
Drom: "Dusty... why did you have to put that image in my head?..."

8. "HNNGG"

Chameleon: "Somebody hold me back, because I'm about to tolerate the feathers out of this anon."
Dusty: (Grabs Chameleon, whispers sensually in his ear) "I'm never letting go." (Chameleon visually pales.)
Drom: "*retreats to a safe distance and observes this tender moment*"

7. "I'm Dying Here" by JasonTheHuman

Dusty: "And I want a real unicorn to kamikazie Eqd headquarters, but that ain't happen' either."
Drom: "Woah there, buddy... Slow down, I think I can hear the enemy rallying their forces."

6. "Mondays" by confuse_a_cat

Dusty: "Everydays."

5. "OH NO" by TomSFox

Chameleon: "You can really understand what my dreams are about? Because I'm pretty sure my last one involved E. Coli, escalators, flying whales, and zombie Dumbos."
Dusty: "Eeyup, I'm in trouble.  Plus escalators are the funnest things....EVER."
Drom: "I don't usually remember my dreams, but I'd be interested to hear your input, Luna."

4. "Dear Hub... Allons-y!" by thunderstar123

Dusty: "And Benedict Cumberbatch shows up as the villain."
Drom: "Will that villain be Smaug, or just a sociopathic genius?"

3. "Book Tree is Best Tree" by Cheesetoast9

Chameleon: "Books! *nom*"

2. "My Life" by sora205

Dusty: *snort, snort* "Computer humor."
Chameleon: "Mfw I refresh the page hoping somebody commented on my post."

1. "This is Exactly How it Happened" by Kurmon

Chameleon: "Excuse me, I have to go delete an embarrassing story from my DeviantArt page..."
Dusty: "I was hoping number one would have boobs in it.... I is sad."
Drom: "You think you're disappointed? Where's my gosh darn Starscream!?... Or my cookie!?"

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