Jan 2, 2013

Oh boy.... this is anything but Hot

A show called Hot In Cleavland is going to have an episode called Elavators and Bronies.  As you can see they went the furry route, which is what I'm betting the whole thing will be like, not Bronies just a pony loving furry.  Now I don't have anything against furries, but whoo boy, this is probably going to hurt to watch.  It also kind of suck that we get an episode on a show I've never even heard of, I'm still waiting for a Doctor Who or Sherlock Bronies episode.

1 comment:

  1. I watched this show once before, only because I heard Betty White was on it. It was okay, I think.

    But if they plan to go the furry route... *shiver* I still remember the furry crisis back in 2003 when CSI put their fandom in a bad light. Just look up "CSI: Fur and Loathing" and you'll see what I mean.