Jan 11, 2013

Hub Saturday Lineup for 1/12

Some of you may have noticed that I failed to make a Hub Saturday Lineup post last week... The past is past, but I'd like you all to know that I plan on avoiding slip-ups like this in the future. Maybe I should make a belated New Year's resolution to do these things in a more timely manner, eh?
Anyway, last week was actually another "Pet Shop only" lineup, and this week is the same as well.
Next Saturday, however, things are really going to heat up again. On January 19th, Dan Vs. will return with "The Common Cold", The Haunting Hour will resume with "Checking Out", and MLP will come back with "Keep Calm and Flutter On"!
On a somewhat related note, we finally have a premiere date for Season 3 of Transformers: Prime, Beast Hunters! It all starts on February 15 with an episode titled "Lost and Found", and I'm VERY excited by the possibilities that this season holds.
Edit: It turns out that the episode listing for the Beast Hunters premiere was a mistake on Zap2it. "Lost and Found" will actually just be a rerun of a Transformers Animated episode... Alas, my hopes have been dashed along the rocky and unforgiving shore of typos...

Littlest Pet Shop 11:30AM ET

"Books and Covers"
"The pets suspect a Siamese cat is a spy and Blythe fills the spots on her Mathlete team with the Biskit twins in order to compete in a match."

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  1. I will say that I enjoyed Madame Pomp in the last episode of LPS, so I'll give it that.