Jan 8, 2013

GoldenSandslash Reviews - IDW Comic #2

To avoid copying Dusty, I tried something a little, shall we say, different, this time around. Let me know what you think and which style of reviewing you prefer.

Edit: Oh yeah, the ending. I have heard a good chunk of people trolling me about something or another. Check the video description before you just repeat what others have already said, because chances are that I won't listen to you if you just repeat them.

Once again, Dusty is free to download/re-upload this to the official ObsessionIsMagic YouTube Channel if he wishes to.


  1. Alright, I've keepvided it and I'll watch your review later tonight, Saturday I'll give you some actual feeback on it.

  2. First things first. I love harddrive management. I spend a ton of time organizing and arranging my files. So many sub folders it ain't even funny.

    Now here's a bit of input for you. The intro is almost 3 minutes long and all it really says is that his video was delayed before you posted it. Now I would suggest that if this happens again in the future to not bother with a sequence like this. I wouldn't have know the difference until you brought it up.

    Huh, I don't particularly feel like I have much of a reviewing style, but you can use it if you want to buddy. ;)

    I like how in your reenactment Fluttershy is played by the Incredible Hulk.

    The map doesn't look like one's we've seen before because it is south of what we've seen. In the big Walmart map of Equestria at the very southern edge you have Appleoosa and a ridge of mountains, this meshes up perfectly with what we see on the map page and the first page of this issue. So it just expands on what the other map didn't show us

    Actually the troll went from Fluttershy to Rainbow Dash, then Applejack.

    Goldensandslash, it warms my heart to see you taking up my crusade on the proper way to spell main 6. One day, my brother, the Bronies will realize their mistakes.

    God, I'd burn down an orphanage for a Chrysalis figure.... what I'm completely normal. Also you don't have any black figures? Then you need to get yourself the Nightmare Moon toy set!

    Cheerilee is actually Chrysalis in disguise, season finale, calling it now. She uses her job as a teacher to secretly brainwash all the colts and fillies.

    If this comic actually ships the ponies together... we'll that'd be alright.

    Dumbass Twilight is just cannon now, sad to say.

    Actually those were bowler hats/ derbys, not top hats.

    "Tell me what you think ... or something completely different." Somthing completely different? Instead of doing a normal review, you could review the issues by doing an interpretive dance of how you felt about them.... or not. Honestly I don't have a real preference to which way you should do it, both have their merits and you get your points across either way. I'd say whichever one you enjoyed doing the most is what you should do, or you could always rotate it around, just depending on which way would work better for a certain issue. I will say this, watching you play with ponies toys was for some reason that I cannot explain was almost hypnotic, as in I felt compelled to not look away.

    It's sort of weird that you have a freckle on the bottom side of your hand. You usually get freckls on the top of your hand. In fact that's kind of freaky. (Que the Frankenstein esque torches and pitchforks as we chase Goldensandslash out of the village.)

    Bitch did not just steal my salute. That's it you're writing that one thousand times on a single square of toilet paper.

    I'm... I'm scared.

    Anyway, I think issue 2 improved in every way shape and form over issue 1. I'm now thoroughly enjoying this series and I can't wait for the next issue.

  3. In regards to the order that the troll went after the ponies, I realize that I got it wrong. But I don't have a figure of Dashie that lets me comb her mane. Unlike AJ and Pinkie where I could make a joke out of it because I own two figures of each (or in AJ's case, three), with Rainbow Dash I could not do it, so I couldn't comb her. Sometimes I have to just sacrifice accuracy for entertainment. But I do realize that the mistake is there.

    1. Technically, I suppose I did once have an opportunity to get a RD figure with a comb-able mane, but it had butterfly wings, so I passed it up.