Jan 1, 2013

First!!1!1 (Again)

This time a year ago, I was the one who made the first post of the New Year, (a post entirely about rock 'n roll). I'm glad I can keep up the tradition two years in a row now, which is mainly about rubbing it in the faces of the rest of the OIM team. That's right, in yo face!

It's also past my one year anniversary! I joined the OIM team on Christmas Eve, and in my first post post I said that I'd post a lot of pony memes and pony Tumblr news, as well as promising that I'd do my best to make Obsession Is Magic better. Since then, I've made at least 170 posts, so go me! Whether I've actually done all three of those things is debatable, but what I can tell you is that, yes, I am working on Pony Memes 25, which I want to be extra special since it's a milestone for me.

To all of you, especially Dusty, Galvin, Drom, and Golden Sandslash (and you too, Eternocte), I hope this year will be full of happiness for everyone. Thank you for tolerating me posting about what I love, even though my posts are probably full of tasteless jokes and month-old news. I love you all!

...And speaking of month-old news, here are some videos from December that we may or may not have forgotten to post about!

The third and last part of the story arc "Doctor Whooves and the Assistant" was posted in early December, and it's their best so far in my opinion. Even better, ocarinaplaya plans on making an episode 4 sometime this year! On the down side, it's really long (about 20 minutes), and will probably take them a super long time to do. On the plus side, it's really long!

Since my first post on OIM mentioned Zeitgeist, I felt it fitting to show this video. For those of you that haven't seen the recent commercial version, they also added a time lapse of Superstorm Sanday hitting New York City, which looked beautiful and disconcerting at the same time, as well as "Stop SOPA and PIPA", which can't be that important anymore if they forgot to put it in there the first time.

And we also have a brony version, of course. You're not a true brony if you don't understand the entire video!

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  1. Tasteless jokes and rubbing stuff in other peoples faces? Chameleon.... you are my long lost son!

    Ehh, that Brony video aggravated me. The things they included were dubious at best to represent 2012 and there were plenty of better things that they excluded.