Jan 2, 2013

Failing Finale

I've got some news on the MLP season 3 finale and it ain't pretty folks.  First off it's only a one shot, so don't be expecting an epic two-parter like last season.  Now this also could go into debunking the whole, Sombra is coming back in the finale, theory that I've been hearing a lot.  I would hope that they wouldn't cram something so epic in just a regular one shot episode, bu then again they're doing that with Discord so who knows.

In other bad news we now also know the writer, M. A. Larson, who also wrote Magic Duel...... if you've watched any of my reviews this season you'll know that I particularly loathed Magic Duel, so this does not bode well, not at all.  It also doesn't help that this was a short season, so I'm just all around unhappy about the upcoming finale..... I'm going to go brood in the corner now.

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