Jan 16, 2013

Dusty's Dynamo Day

The greatest video... EVER.

So, sorry about not doing any real videos lately.  I tried a couple of times but just got disgusted with it, then I've been busy with Megalomaneia and all.  But don't worry, Monday I'll have an episode review up.


  1. Thoughts before the song:


    Sometimes I worry about you, Dusty.

    Props for your ventriloquist skills with the Maneia plushie. Unless that was added in the post-production bits.


    Thoughts after the song:

    You may want to find an instrumental version of Babs Seed's song. It just feels weird hearing both you and the CMC there. Other than that, this is actually pretty good.

    1. Ventriloquism? She's alive, we have conversations all the time.

      Yeah, I didn't have an instrumental version saved on my computer, and I wanted to go ahead and post this up today, so I had to make do. Also it's not like this is in anyway a serious video, I just felt like doing something silly.

  2. > It's not like this is in anyway a serious video

    > Labels on the post: "Serious Business"

    > ????

  3. @1:28 I knew your laugh would slowly turn into a sob of despair, not sure why.

    You are now the Southern version of Yaplap. God, I love your dog.