Jan 27, 2013

Alicorn Twilight is not a bad thing.

Watch as I defy life, the universe, and everything, to bring you this controversial opinion: ALICORN TWILIGHT IS NOT A BAD THING.

Also, read the video description for one point that I forgot to make during the filming of this.


  1. You... you... I can't stand to even look at you!

    I'm not going to go into a discussion here becasue I'm saving all my feelings for the season finale, but I will say alicorn Twilight is "the worst possible thing!"

    1. That'd be funny if, after saving all of your rants for the finale review, it turns out that she doesn't become an Alicorn after all. XD

    2. It would be a huge relief if she didn't.

      You seem to be sold on the idea of a movie coming out, but do you have any sources that there is a movie coming out and not just a dvd of some of the episodes? I really think if there was a movie in April, we'd have heard something concrete by now.

    3. When a DVD collection is released, Top Draw Animation lists it as "5 x 22 min." ("5" being the number of episodes). This one was listed as "1 x 66 min."

      Regardless, Alicorn Twilight is confirmed now. I still say it's not a bad thing. I think I would have rather if they waited until the SERIES finale for it, but I trust that they can handle it okay.

  2. I don't really know what to think about this whole idea. you did have a good point about cutie mark swapping and what could a result of it... on the other hand it has nothing to do with intentions of Luna and Celestia to bring Twilight to a higher level... if Twilight is the pony they were talking about (Could be Cadence and her taking over the Crystal Empire). Having only one episode for it also seems a little bit... weird. 22 minutes for Twilight to get the idea of a spell, make her mess, check whatever happened (and we know that swapping special talents is going to be hilarious, so there will be a lot of running around and watching other ponies fail), making up a way to fix it and turning into an alicorn leave a really little time for the actual consequences of such an enormous change. Unless Twilight is changed temporarily as a result of her misfired spell and she fixes it back and turns to normal, no long-lasting effects or consequences, no need for a long episode.
    As for the movie thing... nobody says a princess needs to be an alicorn. Blueblood is a prince, but he doesn't have wings. I won't even try to guess the plot here.
    We don't know anything about anything that's going to happen. And... little girls love princesses and it is still a show targeted (still) mostly for little girls. Will it change the dynamics of the show? Definitely yes. Will it destroy it? I don't think so. It will be, again, something different, which is a good thing. Why would we want more of the same? This way we have some ways to make it fresh.
    Remember the alicorn amulet?
    And now Twilight is going to swap cutie marks of other ponies? Maybe she will also switch hers with some non-magical pony and won't be able to use her powerful magic.
    I'll leave you with this :P