Jan 5, 2013

A Shoutout to SoGreatandPowerful

Why yes, I am still at work on Pony Memes 25, thank you for asking. Actually, make that "we." Yes, the post now involves some of the other OIM members, so you can be sure it's going to be good and perhaps a tad silly and inappropriate.

In the meantime, fill up that episode-shaped hole in your heart with some SoGreatandPowerful. I promise, he won't disappoint. Despite his dislike of public attention, he's hit cult status for certain, and for very good reasons. His music has inspired his followers to make a website that plays his tracks on repeat (which I've been listening to for several days straight now) and best of all, to make a tribute album called Sori 52, compiling all of the works inspired by and dedicated to SGaP. I could literally write a flattering 10-page essay about him, which I seriously almost did, and I would have forced all of you to read it.

SGaP, if you're reading this, I apologize for the extra attention, but I will always be a faithful follower of all of your work. Thank you!

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