Dec 17, 2012

Wonderbolt Academy OIM Review

Evil Twins, no conclusions, and the deepest most thought provoking ending I've ever recorded.


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    1. I just noticed that Meghan McCarthy said on Twitter that the episode originally had a different ending (but didn't say what it was). I wonder if it would have been more satisfactory than this one.

    2. "How would you feel if you were, say, Lightning Dust? You had to work your flank off trying to get into this school, and then some Rainbow pony comes in and gets everything that you worked so hard for for free?" Lightning Dust isn't a multi-time world saving hero. But yeah, I can roll with it's just all formalities.

      I still think Spitfire's about face is a bit too extreme. I stick by my "a new character would have been better" statement.

      I agree that Lightning Dust is a lot better motivated than Glida, but she still was jerky, as in when she didn't care the the main six almost died, and her comments like, it's not our faults we're so much better than them. You can be driven and not mean at the same time.

      Yeah, I thought the ending was pretty dark for Lightning Dust, like I said it wasn't really fair what Spitfire did to her.

      I agree that it would have been a pretty cool ending. It could also set up future episodes where Rainbow was depressed about not making it and she had to learn that sitting around moping won't help anypony. Or something like that.

      This episode is really aggravating to me because there's so much stuff that makes me want to dislike it, but for some reason I can't not like it.

      When you're talking to me.... EVERYTHING is a rule34 joke.