Dec 5, 2012

The Pet Shop Insider

I'm thrilled to announce that Obsession Is Magic is now affiliated with The Pet Shop Insider!
As you all know, Obsession Is Magic isn't strictly a pony site. We cover plenty of other topics as well... And now, almost a year after welcoming our first affiliate, we've finally joined forces with a non-pony site!

The Pet Shop Insider is a news blog dedicated to the new 2012 reboot of Littlest Pet Shop. In addition to news about the show itself, they also post fan art, fan-made music, and fanfics. In short, it looks to be the perfect one-stop shop for everybody in the growing LPS fandom! Go check it out!


  1. Do you guys also post about Pound Puppies? If not, why not? It's a really great show that deserves more attention! LPS got its own fansite... And I like LPS 2012. But I also like Pound Puppies 2010-2012.

    1. Yes, we do indeed post about Pound Puppies! However, since season 2 just came to a close last week, there may not be any news to post for while.
      You can can be sure to see some more Pound Puppies stuff once season 3 rolls around!