Dec 3, 2012

Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

So I know we have some Star Trek fans on the site and I thought this poster looked pretty cool, so here ya go.  A trailer for Into Darkness will be paired up with the Imax showing of The Hobbit by the way.

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  1. Analysis (briefly):

    The torn up computer parts remind me of the Borg. It's unlikely though, since the only comparison is just torn wires and circuitry. The Borg don't even become aware of Humans until TNG: "Q Who", which is roughly a hundred years after the events of this movie.

    The background looks like the future seen in ENT: "Shockwave". This is an unlikely setting though, since the alternate timeline is no more. Unless the villain goes back in time and kills Jonathan Archer prior to 2161, but then it's just a re-hash of the aforementioned episode. Boring.

    Speaking of the villain, that's him in the center. You can tell by the fact that no other character looks that way from the back. But given that it's from the back, I've got nothing. I can't even tell if the ears are pointed, it could be a Romulan, or not. I think we can say for sure that it's not a Klingon though, as the hair is too neat and short. My money is on either Romulan or Human.