Dec 31, 2012

Spike At Your Service OIM Review

The one wherein I have a soul searching moment about my best and worst ponies.


  1. I knew this day would have to come eventually. It's time for me to reveal my true loyalties.

    Rarity is my least favorite of the main six. I will try to type this as quickly as I can so that I have time to pack and leave the country, but the main reason is that I feel of all of them she least represents her Element. Up until season 3, Applejack was my least favorite and Rarity was in the #4 spot. However, I can't say that Applejack is my least favorite anymore, because she's had several good episodes now that made me actually like her. And I noticed Rarity hasn't changed all that much. Sure, she did agree to go with Sweetie Belle on the camping trip, but her little sister had to pull her up almost the entire time. So there. I got that off my chest.

    Despite that, I did like Rarity in this episode, as well as everyone else. Next to Pinkie Pie episodes, Spike episodes are my favorite. I will agree, though, that the whole "we thought you were right behind us!" was dumb.

    And also, at the end, why is Spike the one that is helping Twilight study at night? What happened to Owlicious? Perhaps your theory about Fluttershy the kidnapper has some truth to it...

    Finally, maybe you should check the credits, "Glavin" might not be amused. :)

    1. Rarity... least favorite.... I no longer wish to know you.

      I'll agree that Rarity isn't really the best example of generosity, but her charm more than make up for it. Applejack has borderline lined multiple times, Fluttershy has shown cruelty and meanness (putting your hoof down), so Rarity isn't the only one.

      Ugg, another misspelling. Sony Vegas doesn't have a spellcheck, and by the time I do the credits I'm starting to go zombie mode... mistakes happen.