Dec 1, 2012

Season 3 Episode 5: Magic Duel

Below is a link to the Brony Network livestream of the event, 9:30 AM central and 10:30 AM EST. Once the episode is uploaded to Youtube, this post will be updated.

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  1. Spoilers ahead:
    This was a good episode, a very good one in my opinion. We got a good deal of world-expanding facts. For one, there are other countries outside of Equestria with ponies in them. Alicorns are indeed call alicorns :D Zecora is even more awesome than we thought (now I have to update my RPG system for MLP) and at least one obscure mystery shop with mysterious and powerful magic artifacts exists in Equestria and is run by a stereotypically dressed Chinese pony :P

    I didn't quite like that Twilight, who we saw teleporting, blasting changelings with magical energy and messing with gravity had problems with what seems to be simple spells. I was expecting a little bit more raw power confrontation with in that duel, but than again, what we got was pretty hilarious. Especially R63 AJ :P
    also, Zecore's Yoda-like training.
    And I'm really happy they dodged what I was expecting – Zecora giving Twi a fake medallion to boost her confidence. Instead we got a clever deception on Twilight's part, proving that it's useful to trick your opponent rather than confront him.

    I'm also a little bit disappointed that they just made up an amulet for that episode. I was half-expecting, after seeing it in the preview, that it might be made out of Sombra's horn. Oh well. Yet another mystical magical amulet that appeared for one episode never to be seen again.
    As far as theis season goes, this is the second-best episode, right after Too Many Pinkie Pies and a little bit ahead of One Bad Apple

    1. All of my this. You said everything I was going to say, with two exceptions:

      1) You have no idea how hard I laughed when Trixie fell over, and how many times I replayed it.

      2) The laws of magic are a bit tricky. I'm pretty sure aging, duplication, and gender changing spells are some of the most advanced in the "world of magic", so to speak. I'm certainly no expert, but I've read extensively into the Harry Potter series and Inheritance cycle multiple times and I've researched spells and mythical creatures probably more than I should have. For example, the moments when Trixie and Twilight were making things appear out of thin air (i.e. the Parasprite and the scissors). If they had actually created them with magic, that would certainly be difficult (think of the law of conservation of mass). However, I have a feeling that what they were performing was a teleportation spell, which is fairly simple and much less exhausting.

      But yeah, this turned out to be one of my favorite episodes so far. My only complaint is that I wish they had extended the scene where Trixie apologizes to Twilight, to give the episode more closure.

  2. Whelp. Y'all aren't going to like my review too much...