Dec 15, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

I made a new OC. I named her Sandy Hook in memory of the students from that school.

Time for a serious post.

Today, in Connecticut, at a school called Sandy Hook, 26 victims were killed in the second-largest school shooting in US History. The killer then shot himself.

This affected me pretty greatly. I didn't know anyone from that town, but think about it.

This was an elementary school. Not a middle school. Not a high school. An elementary school. These kids were just beginning their lives, and it's already over for them. I have a younger brother and several younger cousins.

I just can't help but wonder. It could have been any one of them. I am truly grateful that it wasn't.

To all of the friends and families of the victims, I am truly sorry for your loss. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain that you are going through. No one deserves to have life taken from them like that.

To all of the kids who survived, I am sorry that you had to see what you saw today. And hear what you heard. This isn't right. But yes it does happen. Please, try and recover from this. Don't let fear control your life, or you never get anywhere. And be grateful for every breath you take. You're lucky to be able to do so.

And to the victims themselves, I do not know whether or not it is possible to look at Earth from the afterlife, whatever that may be, but if it is, know that the world will miss you. We are saddened to see you taken from us so quickly by a truly evil man. There are monsters out there in this world. I am just sorry that you happened to run into one.

And to those of you who are completely unaffected by this, please, try and keep in mind all of the people who are. Everyone in that town will need a lot of counseling to recover from this, so please be respectful of that.

On the topic of counseling, there is a program raising money to give counseling to these people. So, please, OIM members and viewers alike, I ask of you, please donate whatever you can afford. Every little bit matters.

If you cannot afford anything, at least try to spread the word. Get other people to know about this and donate money. Please, for these kids. And their parents. And everyone in that town.

There's also the matter of tomorrow's episode. It has already been leaked, and I have seen it. It does take place in a military school-like environment. *sigh*

Something school related, and there's a generally nice character who suddenly becomes mean to the students and acts all dominating and bossy and rude. Sorry, but after recent events, that just doesn't seem right.

As such, I have decided not to post anything related to the episode from now until Tuesday. I'll leave the weekend open. And I'll leave it up to my fellow OIM members whether or not they want to join me in a weekend of silence.

Oh, and if this gets me fired from working on the blog, since I am just randomly giving myself the weekend off, fine. I don't care. This is too important.

I want to get the message out. I want people to donate.

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  1. I just don't understand why people always gone on these shooting rampages before killing themselves. If you want to kill yourself then fine, go right ahead, but why take away other peoples?

    Well, we already posted the episode so I hadn't planned on posting it again anywya, so I'm fine with not post anything Wonderbolt Academy until Monday, which is when I'll put up my review.