Dec 22, 2012

Pony Pics 145

I promised this would be a return to form for Pony Pics, so if you're adverse to the good old fashioned sexual joke, then you may want to wait till the next Pony Pics because this one was way to fun to write for.

Alright everybody sing along with me!
All I want for Christmas is two big breasts, two big breast, two big breasts, all I want for Christmas is two breasts, so I can motorboat the hang out of em!

Oh baby, get with me and I'll make your rainbow splash.

I'll make your Flutter slutter.

It just wouldn't be a proper old time Pony Pics without some tentacle hentai.

The roses at the top obviously represent the fact she is about to be deflowered and the vines along the sides mean it's going to be from a tentacle monster.

I was a bit disappointed as well..... oh yeah the sex part... She's preparing him for the femdom session their about to partake in, the next frame would have her putting on the strap-on.

"So Angel, want to help keep mommy warm?"

"I'm not sure it's the kind of love you were looking for Chrysalis, but looks like it's raping time."

This is titled Spike's point of view, that's one gosh darn lucky dragon.

If you use your imagination you can pretend it's not snow but cum... yes you'll need to squint your eyes and dim the lights but it's possible!

The umbrella not only protects from rain (which it would do a poor job of since it's so small) it can also double as an emergence dildo.  The more you know!

Click or follow the artist link for readable.
And then they all fucked, the end.  I hope y'all enjoyed this very special Pony Pics, but don't take it for granted.  While this was uber dirty, I probably won't go back to making it a habit.  But I may still throw in some good old fashioned sex jokes, just because I love y'all!

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