Dec 12, 2012

Pony Pics 142

I hope you like Pony Pics cause this is a big one.

Someone needs to make a Shadow of the Colossus game, but with ponies.

Raikoh is always doing awesome pieces.  The lighting and colors man..... the lighting and colors.

My feelings are still the same.  Hell yes!

So that's why we don't see her much, she's busy working part time jobs.

Whelp, at least she's more interesting this way.

Luna, please don't invade my dreams.... you really don't want to see that "stuff".

If you've every had your parents accidentally call you your brothers name before.... you know this isn't funny.

Celestia and Luna used their giant hooves to crush all mankind, thus paving the way for ponies to rule.

Scootaloo then falls in, splashing everypony.  She is sentenced to 50 years in the dungeon.

Oh Tom, you shined so bright, but for only such a short time.


"I want to axe you a question." (Slaps knee, splits sides)

So... if this isn't a fanfic yet... someone get on that.

Iron Man 3... it's going to be awesome.

She smiles as she chooses which filly to add to the fire...... come one, I can't be the only one who can read between the lines!

Even princesses have dandruff.

Just when you least expect it, wheels will turn on you.  I lost my brother to wheels.

A sexy lingerie pony and some butt hurt material.

I'm interested.  What did y'all see first, the colors or the underwear?

Before everyone gets upset just cool your jets.  Yes it's mocking Bronies, but I also thinks it's also pretty funny.  Between the fact that he's crying at the beauty of a pony post, like you know you have, and you can't tell me you wouldn't drink Red Pony.  I'm wasn't going to share this with y'all but I feel Obsession Is Magic is a lot less "sensitive" than most Brony sites and we can appreciate a laugh at ourselves every now and then.

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