Dec 23, 2012

Pony Music Smorgasbord

One thing Obsession Is Magic hasn't been keeping tabs on lately is the music part of the brony fandom. In an effort to change that, I will be trying for the next couple of weeks to work out how I should post about the latest songs and remixes. Until then, here are several songs I've come across recently to fill your music needs.

Dat opening... God, I love BlackGryph0n. It brought back memories of Seal and Simply Red, though I'm sure I'm the only one who knows who either of them are youngsters these days... If there was a vote for best brony, Gryph0n would be my first choice. *hears a sound behind him* Uhh, I mean, Dusty! Dusty is best brony!

How can we forget the one guy that can make people's ears bleed and be loved for it?

Another great song from the relatively new Polish artist, Phaux. I hope they make it big, I've loved the past two songs that Phaux has made. By the way, this song is a remix of the song Anthropology by Awkward Marina, which was written for this fanfic of the same name. It even inspired a storyboard version of the song.

Diggin' the new style, Tomb and Hound. Though I'd like to point out that you accidentally took the name of your song from another brony musician...

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