Dec 3, 2012

Pony Memes 24

Days Without Making a Gak Joke: 12 0

So it looks like we bronies have recently received more press. In addition to being the website responsible for posting the first preview clip of Season 3 Episode 5 "Magic Duel", USA Today also wrote an article about us. It's old news but positive news, and it also segways into the lone meme that doesn't count as a meme so I shouldn't be calling it a meme.

"Bronies, We're in the News!" by Mercury13

Ordeals that got me through this song

"Miles" by dBPony feat. EileMonty
"S2 Pt. 2" by bbctol & SoGreatandPowerful
"Paper Sky" by BlackGryph0n and Baasik
"Supernatural" by Ken Ashcorp (Glaze Remix)
"Space Face Part 2 Theme" by LilDeuceDeuce

15. "Harry's House Was Real?" by S1MP5ON

It'd probably be more comfortable if he had a cave that he doesn't have to hunch over in.

14. "Maybe She's Immortal" by Ravenna-Song

I know an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but this is ridiculous.

13. "Derpy Might Still be a Bit Angry" by oatmealiscrazy

I would be too if my partner was cheating on me.

12. "Stranger Danger" by cosplayrandom

11. "Wait... Did Scoots and Sweetie Just..." by SuperMissile

When that happens, I'll just be so excited I could burst!

10. "No Lives" by TomSFox

If you didn't know, the Bronystate livestream of Season 3 Episode 4 was hacked by some people from 4chan.

9. "I Know Accents" by shamoooooopie

8. "Feel The Rhythm" by ohrearry

Guitar Hero "Hot for Teacher" on Expert 100% Swag

7. "Show the Haters"


6. "People Forget the Patriot Act is Still Around" by peppermint_nightmare

5. "Charity is Magic" by World of Dice

Faith in humanity has been slightly restored.

4. "Pizza Hut Bronies" by Jason Arilani

Now make the pizza in the shape of Pinkie Pie!

3. "What Are You?" by CanIHazCheezeburger

ohhhhh, snap.

2. "Cutie Mark Cuties"
If this scene did not make your heart stop for an entire 5 seconds then I will send you a notarized certificate confirming you do not exist!


1. "Irony" by TomSFox

Good job, /v/!

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  1. 14. Holy crap, if I had know about this in my review I would have had a field day.
    6. It's kind of amazing that they didn't get in trouble at all for booby trapping the float and purposefully trying to send Babs over a cliff.
    3. Oh snap indeed!