Dec 10, 2012


If you wathed my review then you know that I thought Issue 1 was a bit on the boring side, but it set up for the promise of some really cool things in the future.  Well we have a preview of the first 4 pages of Issue 2 (December 19 release date) and let's just say that it looks like the promise was right.  Skulls, trolls, and a reference that Dromaeosaur will love all ensue.  Head on past the break for some Mines of Moria type adventure.  Why couldn't this have been an episode?  WHY!?!?!!?!?

I can't help but wonder if this is what Bronies would look like if we entered Equestria.

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  1. Sweet Celestia, that was hilarious!

    Oh my god I cannot wait til my review of this.