Dec 13, 2012

My Little Pony Season 3 Episode 7 & IDW Comic 2 LEAKED

Holy crap this is early. *presses play*

Oh, and if you have a Nook, then IDW Comic #2 was also leaked. As my brother has a Nook, I shall steal it, get the comic, and then review it for you when I get the chance.

Spoilertastic day!

Edit: Due to schedule issues, chances are I won't get a chance to borrow his Nook until Thursday afternoon at the earliest. Even then, it's likely to be later. I may very well just wait for the comic to come out naturally. We'll see.

Never mind. They seem to have taken down the comic from the Nook store. I can't find it.


  1. Let me know when someone gets the comic up on the intertubes as a PDF.

    1. Um, that's kinda illegal. I could get arrested for supplying you with that. I'm not going to. Use your Google powers if you must, or let someone else supply you with a link, because I'm not doing that.

    2. Too late. I already found images of it on Know Your Meme, in the MLPFiM photo gallery. I downloaded them, even if they are a little smaller than normal and JPG quality. The important thing is I can read the words and make out the art.