Dec 3, 2012

Magic Duel OIM Review

Okay guys, I tried a different approach to this review so let me know if y'all like it better this way or the old way.  I'll probably go back to the old way, but it just depends on how I feel.  The one wherein I try something new and probably set myself up to be crucified on a cross for not liking Trixie.


  1. yeah, well, you were right, I disagree with you on almost all points. Trixie's fall out of grace feels like a fanfic because there are many fanfics like that, but what else could have happened?
    Training with Zecora was one big nod to Star Wars and it was executed as well as the run time of the episode allowed.
    Twilight didn't recognise the amulet because even she cannot remember all magical artifacts - she has books and knows how to look for answers in the, she doesn't memorize them. We see it throughout the series, there is a problem and Twilight looks for answers in her books. I don't remember any situation when she immediately knew something without looking it up first. She also reads a lot so she might have read about the amulet at some point in time, that's why she said she didn't recognize it.
    Fluttershy was a little over the top, but completely believable and i did not find it in any way out of character.
    We never saw any guards or police in Ponyville, so it's safe to assume they don't have anything like that or they were imprisoned like the Mayor.
    Saddle Arabia - obviously ponies there are bigger and stronger, like you know, Arabian horses :D

    oh, and gender swapping is rule 63, just so you know :D

    1. (Wipes tears out of eyes) Okay then. (Forever alone face)

      Twilight's thing is being smart, she's always craving to learn new things, but every time something comes up, she is always late to the party and remembering things after the fact. For the brains of the operation, would it be too much to ask for her to know a thing or two without having to look it up? Ehh, it's just a gripe I have because I used to think Twilight was the absolute best pony, but now she's slowly slipping away from me.

      Fluttershy knew that her friends were counting on her and that they needed her. But she had to get animals to drag her away to do it. I personally think Fluttershy would have been able to push herself to at least attempt the operation.

      Did I get the rule number wrong? Crap. Oh well, I neverr claimed to have the best memory.

    2. Being smart doesn't always mean knowing things right away. In fact this is, for me, more realistic. It would be just silly if Twilight knew the answer off the top of her head.

      As for Fluttershy... she is a coward. Remember the episode with dragons? For all I know she could broke RD's ribs and spine just to get away from them. Besides, it was hilarious :D
      as for why Fluttershy had to go... I suspect it had something to do with her ability to talk with animals (birds telling her where twilight is and stuff)
      and being Fluttershy her absence could be easy to hide. Don't forget she and Pinkie Pie were the only two, who did not challenge Trixie in the first episode with her. While Pinkie jumped at her for the rock farm line, Fluttershy kept the low profile all the time.
      See? Logic!